"Lu Over the Wall." "Lu Over the Wall."
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Masaaki Yuasa Directed Yet Another Animated Feature, ‘Lu Over The Wall’

Japanese auteur Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Ping Pong, The Tatami Galaxy) directed not one, but two animated features that will be released in spring 2017. The newly announced Lu Over the Wall (Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta) released a trailer this week:

The film’s story, according to Crunchyroll, “follows the encounter and relationship between a junior high school boy Kai who lives in a fishing port town and Lu, a mermaid girl comes from the sea.”

Manga artist Youko Nemu provided original character designs, while Nobutake Ito (The Tatami Galaxy, Ping Pong) adapted the designs for animation and served as animation director. Yuasa co-wrote the screenplay with veteran film and anime screenwriter Reiko Yoshida, and Takatsugu Muramatsu composed the soundtrack.

Yuasa’s own studio Science Saru, which he runs with Eunyoung Choi, produced the film. Lu Over the Wall will be released by Toho Animation in Japan on May 19, 2017, just a little over one month after the debut of Yuasa’s other upcoming feature, Night is Short, Walk On Girl.

Yuasa will surely have something to say about these films when he appears in March as a special guest at the GLAS Animation Festival in Berkeley, California.

  • Memorian

    I just watched his series “Kaiba” last weekend. Holy crap! Is it amazing. it’s 12-eps. if you haven’t checked it out yet. Please check it out. If you’re unfamiliar with his stuff check out these vids:

    • Marc Noel

      I think Kaiba is Yuasa masterpiece.It has to be watched several time over to get all the details and nuances though.Simply amazing.

    • I remember when Kaiba first came out in Japan and barely nobody in the western anime community gave it the time of day due to it being what it is. They were fools!

      • Memorian

        It’s a shame. Since I’m usually drawn to more anime series that stand out and do something different especially in the animation department. The weirder the better for me. I’m sad that I hadn’t heard of these series sooner.

  • Mike

    Yuasa is my favorite anime director bar none, and I’d been hoping he’d try his hand at another feature ever since Mind Game. This is just an embarrassment of riches!

    • Mine too, I was wondering why he (Science Saru) was so quiet…then we get not one but two gems…nice.