Disney Sweeps! ‘Big Hero 6′ and ‘Feast’ Win Oscars


At the 2013 Academy Awards, Disney’s short Paperman won the Oscar for best animated short; at the 2014 Academy Awards, Disney’s feature Frozen won the Oscar for best animated feature.

Tonight, at the 2015 Academy Awards, Disney swept both categories, winning best animated short for Patrick Osborne’s Feast, and best animated feature for Don Hall and Chris Williams’s Big Hero 6.

Congrats to Patrick, Don, Chris, and the entire crew at Walt Disney Animation Studios for their wins tonight.

Big Hero 6′s win could best be described as an upset since the Disney film had not won a single major award throughout the award season. The frontrunner in the category was widely considered to be DreamWorks’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 which had won both the Golden Globe and the Annie Award. The other film that had had success on the awards circuit was The LEGO Movie, whose awards included the BAFTA and the Critics’ Choice Award, but it was not nominated for an Academy Award.

In the visual effects category, Interstellar won. Congrats to winners Paul Franklin, Andrew Lockley, Ian Hunter and Scott Fisher, and the entire crews at Double Negative and New Deal Studios for the win.

Watch Cartoon Brew’s interview with Feast director Patrick Osborne:

  • ScamScum

    It seems like Dreamworks is paying the Annies while Disney is paying the academy. Oh well both BH6 and HTTYD2 were fantastic.

    • KBB

      So just wondering who was paying for what at the Annies for all the years that Disney / Pixar won? Can’t have it both ways. Sometimes people actually deserve what they win.

  • Inkan1969

    I liked all five BAF nominees, and BH6 was a decent action movie that I thought was as good as the “Marvel Comics Universe” movies. But of the five, I was hoping for a “Kaguya” win.

  • Fried

    Let the outrage of “My favorite thing AKA Song of the Sea and Tale of Princess didn’t win” begin.

    • Bob

      Chinese stuff

    • Ravlic

      Maybe because some people decide on who deserves to win based on creativity, innovation and skill that’s put into a work of art and not just based on the fact that it’s made by Disney?

      • Fried

        So are you saying Big Hero 6 had less effort and skill put into it than Song of the Sea or Princess or Boxtrolls?

        That’s a bold statement to make. I’d like you to say that to the artists who created a new engine just to push the CG to a beautiful level and see how well they take it.

  • Anonymous

    Sniff, sniff… and I knew Patrick Osborne when he was in a cubicle in a hallway at Sony Imageworks fixing broken mo-cap animation on Polar Express.

  • Cheese

    Well it just comes to show you, that every animated film gets it’s share in the awards.

    1. “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ at the Golden Globes.
    2. “The Lego Movie” at the BAFTA.
    3. “Big Hero 6″ at the Oscar.

    • Noah

      Every movie made in America, that is. Yes, I am salty right now.

      • American animator

        Boxtrolls was also made in America. :(

  • Anonymous

    Criminal. Neither film was award-worthy.

    • coffiend39

      The most popular film does’t always win. They vote by listing the most deserving to least. So the most popular film can be unseated if enough people list it at the bottom, but everyone agrees on their 2nd or 3rd choices.

      • KBB

        Except big hero 6 was a mediocre film, so so many ” borrowed ” Images, story sequences from How to train your Dragon 1or 2, Iron giant – rise of the guardians – hello micro bots. Hero was Hiccup design wise for goodness sake, has this not come up before? Sad that there were so many better films in the category. Sad and boring and why bother really….

  • JoshActionReplay

    Well that’s that! If Kaguya didn’t win, then I’m not so sure that a foreign animated film is ever going to win this award again!

  • Raspyberry

    Another Year. Another Snub.

    Not as varied/impressive as 2014. but life goes on with more in 2015.

  • Strong Enough

    3rd times a charm Dean

  • KBB

    Well no actually it does, most academy members see the Disney Pixar brand as one and the same.

  • Anna

    I have no coherent words to describe my feelings right now, and I’m just going to say that I am never following the Oscars again and will now go about my everyday life as if all of this disrespect never happened.

  • rivrav

    book of life should have been considered in all that as well

  • Bob

    Awards are dudes ?!

  • Bob

    “Pixar doesn’t count.” -> who is subjective ?
    You know, complaining about complainers isn’t any better ;)


    Good, because Disney won’t win another award ever again! Reason: Inside Out.

    • richard

      -Reason: Inside Out?

      -Another reason: There isn’t a Disney Animated movie coming out this year.

    • cesar

      ‘ever again’? u know inside out will be nominated just for one year, right?

    • ea

      Are you saying Inside Out will be so bad it will damage the Disney brand?

      • LOLWUT

        No, I’m saying it because it’s a Pixar film, and you know the lovey lovey relationship between the Academy and Pixar.

  • Renard N. Bansale

    Actually, BIG HERO 6 won at the Visual FX Society and both Sound Mixing and Sound Editing guilds. Those industry, not critic, victories, to me, signaled a BH6 Oscar upset.

    And here we are.

    • AmidAmidi

      Those awards were for specific components of the filmmaking process, not for the overall film itself, and thus, not particularly effective indicators of whether the film would win an Oscar.

      • Renard N. Bansale

        They’re not end-alls when it comes to predicting, sure, but since they’re industry people voting for films, they matter.

        HTTYD2 won the Globe? The HFPA is just the critics group composed of foreign journalists in America that just so happens to put on the one entertaining awards show where celebrities get drunk. Those who vote for Golden Globes don’t vote for Oscars. I do admit, however, that it’s victory there over THE LEGO MOVIE may have been somewhat telling. HTTYD2 dominated at the Annies? The Annie awards already have the reputation of being corrupt and they pretty much only matter to animation aficionados.

        The Visual FX, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing guilds have fair records for how they predict their corresponding Oscar categories. Since they’re industry people, they show where the industry support is. To go to another category, as much as I hate to admit it, Michael Keaton’s status as the critical favorite to win Best Actor didn’t matter the moment he lost the SAG to Eddie Redmayne. Those actors in the industry spoke and they preferred the up-and-comer and that led him to the inevitable BAFTA win (which only helped him) and finally at the Oscars.

        If one animated film has been winning them all, that’s undeniably telling. When BH6 SWEPT all its noms at the Visual FX guild, I started to suspect its upset chances. Then it took both sound guilds and that basically confirmed its industry support because the rest of the credible industry bodies supported THE LEGO MOVIE, which wasn’t nominated anyway and thus made their status as predicting the animation Oscar moot this year.

        When BRAVE won over WRECK-IT RALPH two years ago, I was taken aback, sure. But then I remembered how BRAVE began winning a little bit here and there–the Golden Globe, the BAFTA (since RALPH didn’t get its Brit release until Feb. 2013), the Editing guild, and one of the Sound guilds–and I slowly realized that the momentum was starting to build for BRAVE as well, even when RALPH won the Annie, the Critics’ Choice, and the PGA. Add the Pixar factor, the relief that “it’s not a Cars movie”, and old white men considering video games a thing with the kids, and the Oscar ultimately went to BRAVE as a result.

        Simply put, what the critics prefer won’t matter if the industry voters decide to go in another direction. And many awards season followers still have troubling grasping that annual development.

  • Eman

    Yeah yeah.
    What else is new?

  • DJM


  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Congratulations to both! I knew Feast was going to win Best Animated Short,but thought either HTTYD 2 or Kaguya would win Best Animated Feature. Btw,it doesn’t bother me that Lego Movie was snubbed,two other Oscar worthy animated features were snubbed in the past: Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo & Mamarou Hosada’s Wolf Children.

  • http://tresportfolio.tumblr.com/ Tres Swygert

    Quite interesting. We can actually say that a superhero comic film actually won an Oscar for Best Animated Film, and it’s a Marvel product of all sorts! So with that said, Marvel got its Oscar for animation, with the help of Disney!

    I was actually shocked they went with Big Hero 6 instead of following everyone’s direction for How to Train Your Dragon 2. I felt that Dragon was going to win (with The LEGO Movie out of the picture), and that DreamWorks has not won Best Animated Feature in a long while. No easy breaks for Jeffrey this year.

    Don’t know if I would have picked Feast as the Best Animated Short. I haven’t been able to watch the other shorts, so it’s hard for me to choose an alternative (I wasn’t as impressed with the story like I was with Paperman). Still, regardless how I feel about it, the winners are announced, and I don’t have much to complain. What’s done is done.

    Congrats to Disney for both wins tonight, and looking forward to what 2015 will showcase (Pixar, you better deliver a better film this year than your last one).

  • Dragon2

    Rigged. People hear Disney and they default to it for the vote. ABC is owned by Disney, BH6 comes out on dvd Tuesday and it just furthers the propaganda for Inside Out, which they ran a lengthy spot for tonight. Seems all too convenient.

    • otterhead

      I think there’s a big difference between “going with a convenient option” and “rigged”. It’s very possible that the voters saw ‘Disney’ and lazily saved time by voting for BH6 and Feast because of Disney’s reputation for quality, but that doesn’t mean the votes were “rigged” or that Disney cheated.

  • Luis Eduardo Huerta Ramos

    I totally agree with BH6 Winning. What I am not is that “Feast” won just because the judges never saw the other ones. The Dam Keeper was way much better.

  • Lenin

    Big Hero 6 was crap. Poor writing, poor characters, poor story, awful third act.

    Princess Kaguya was the best feature film of the year (and its the highest rated film on RT). The last film of Takahata, a goddamn master of animation and one of the best animated features ever made. It is absolute bullshit it lost because “MUH KIDS LIKE BIG HERO 6 BECAUSE ANIMATION AWARD REALLY MEANS BEST KIDS FILM!.”

    Fuck the Academy voters, if Kaguya won, it could have meant a widespread boxoffice release of When Marnie Was There.

    It’s not “oh boohoo” it’s “this was the last chance of saving Studio Ghibli”. These awards are a fucking joke, but they are incredibly important for marketing and for the studios.

    • ea

      I hope North Korea reveals the identity of each of the voters.

  • Erik Barkman

    Disheartening that in a year where “indie films” dominated the live action categories, the animation wins still amounted to a resounding salute to big budget mediocrity.

    Ah well, can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Chris Bennett

    who really cares?.. Or, who really SHOULD care? Awards (not just for film and animation, but for music, comedy, or basically any art form) are inherently flawed and pointless. Not to sound too corny, but art IS its own reward. You’re awarded anytime someone enjoys the thing you made. I LOVED Big Hero 6, but the fact that it’s now won an award means nothing to my enjoyment of it. *Mic Drop*.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    Big Hero 6 was a pretty weak film. Baymax was cute, I guess, (most of the people I meet who love the film seem to mostly care about him) but overall, not a particularly good movie. Disappointed that it won. Also disappointing that it’s hard to win these awards if you’re not one of the big animation studios. They almost always go to Disney or Pixar, maybe DreamWorks if they make an exceptionally good film. Now, these studios do make some great films, and sometimes they totally deserve to win, but it seems like other movies aren’t even up for consideration even when they’ve been nominated. At the very least, the people voting should watch the movies. It just seems incredibly insulting for a movie to be nominated for an award it literally has no chance of winning because the voters didn’t watch them. These awards feel like school elections or contests, where students win because they’re popular, whether or not they’re good.

  • Alatriste

    Got your Disney Defense Force badge yet? Wins like this only perpetuate the mediocre formulaic and stale movies we get every single year. Even amongst them, Big Hero 6 was the weakest. It’s such a shame that so much artistic talent and effort goes to waste on glorified marketing ploys.

  • Rafaella

    Except not. These awards should be judged with a minimum of objectivity, and another post from this same website proved that the judges knew nothing about anything, some didn’t even watch all the movies, and one guy was blatantly prejudiced calling both a Japanese and an Irish movie Chinese and saying they were crap *because* of that.

    It’s freaking obvious that they voted for those simply because they only know Disney, and because Disney’s ultra colorful and simple movies were slightly more popular with their children.

    Nobody is totally unbiased, and it’s fine to also include personal opinions on the votes, but there should be at least some respect for the movies to cast votes with an educated opinion.

  • http://www.doodlesinanimation.blogspot.com Annie T.

    Well, I guess congrats to the filmmakers. I really have no idea why Big Hero 6 won. To be honest, I thought the award was going to Dragons 2, based on critical response and sheer awesomeness. (For the record, I wanted Kaguya or Song of the Sea to win… but that wasn’t going to happen.) So… I’m really puzzled why this particular film won. But whatever. Maybe people will look at the films they haven’t heard of from the nominees and actually watch them.

  • FL

    Big Hero Six was an accelerated production. I was told the animation was done in 7 months with animators and the rest of the crew working a lot of overtime. Now the management at Disney Animation will think, “We can do that on every movie. It works. We just won the Oscar.”

  • otterhead

    I’m glad Big Hero 6 won. It deserved it. Smartly written, memorable characters, worthwhile.

    I wish they had awarded Best Short to The Dam Keeper, which was brilliant, and would have showed support for a new studio with a unique voice, rather than, well, Disney. At least Feast was enjoyable.

  • http://craaaaazycanuck.tumblr.com John McBloom

    Just kidding, I loved Big Hero 6 and Feast, but it was pretty obvious from the get go that they were gonna win. I was honestly rooting for Song of the Sea to win Best Animated Picture. That one was great.

  • Brian

    No offense to the passionate responses, but the Oscars are a big advertisement for big studios. Its not this pure thing, where we think the best is going to win, or even get nominated. Disney winning should be expected.

  • burymylovely

    Even though at the corporate level they are married, animation wise Pixar & Disney are separate brands and entites. That is what he means I believe. Also many of those Pixar movies that won were made before Disney bought them.

    • Adam Lewis

      It doesn’t matter whether or not Pixar and Disney are two different studios completely. All Oscar voters see when they see Pixar is Disney. It’s literally Disney-Pixar. The voters have already shown they could care less about animation. You think they can tell the difference?

      And only two Pixar films won the Oscar before Disney bought it, but they were still advertised as Disney-Pixar.

  • Robert

    To be sure, I wish How TO Train Your Dragon 2 would have won (or Princess Kaguya, though I haven’t seen it but I’m a Ghibli fan, so…).

    Regardless, whether or not this or that movie won, the real reward is the support of the fans. I personally think Dragon will far outlast Big Hero 6 over time for the fact that it’s classic Hollywood adventure storytelling in that Errol Flynn Adventures Of Robin Hood tradition (but with Dragons). Anyway, conratulations to the men and women who made Big Hero 6, cuz in the end I think they did an amazing job.

    If I”m a little upset over Dragon’s loss it’s because I think it’s also a blow to Dreamworks Animation. After 500 people got laid off and PDI shuttered I think this would have been at least one piece of good news for that studio. One thing to prove they’ve still got what it takes and keep that struggling studio on its feet. It’s hardly the thing that’s gonna make the studio sink or swim, but a plus is a plus. Alas, it was not meant to be.

  • Robert

    Before I forget, Big Hero 6 also marks Marvel’s first major Oscar.

    SO that’s really cool, too, at least. And congratulations to Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau, who created the team to begin with!

  • Nicky

    Okay, I’m sorry but Big Hero 6 deserved the Oscar more than Frozen because at least Big Hero 6 managed to make me care about the characters. Not only that but this is a big step towards getting more POC in animated films. I’m sorry but I have waited years for another animated film that doesn’t solely focus on white people and while Big Hero 6 had it’s problems, I am glad it won because this is a wake up call to animation studios and Hollywood. This is telling them that POC have stories worth telling.

    • genman

      POC? but… the Tale of princes Kaguya is from Japan.

    • Adam Lewis

      The fact that you judge a movie based on representation of race rather than, you know, quality doesn’t exactly help your case.

    • Magenta White

      The side characters in Big Hero 6 were good and entertaining but seriously underdeveloped and I’m not sure if including more races was entirely the point here. There were other people of color in other Disney films (Mulan, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Princess and the Frog) so while I love seeing a multiracial group, I don’t think it’s a good enough reason to praise it more.

      • Nicky

        Oh my gosh, I cannot be happy that a movie that has POC people in it won while also enjoying the movie itself! And you just named four movies. The rest of Disney’s movies are mostly white. This is another problem with the entertainment industry and I’m sorry but I am happy that Big Hero 6 has been a success and that it focuses on POC people.

        • Magenta White

          I have nothing against that (though the sarcasm wasn’t necessary). But fine, whatever you want.

  • JoshActionReplay

    It’s a sad state of affairs my friend. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forget Brave winning it in 2012, while my favorite film of 2012 (in general, not just animated) Wolf Children was snubbed even a nomination.

  • Chicken

    Sure, it’s great to be nominated. Even better than winning, right !
    And of course they’re nominated because of that chance. Not their hard work, or the actual value of their movies. What was I thinking about ! :D

    Than uh too, pal

    • Fried

      Please re-write that mess of a post so I can understand it better.

      Just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean a nomination isn’t a huge honor that directors can stick on their films/shorts. Haven’t you ever seen tons of images saying “Nominated for so and so!”?

  • Bob

    Is “boohoo” an actual word or a sad excuse for the lack or arguments ? Pardon me, I’m not fluent in english. Chinese stuff etc

    • Fried

      Maybe you should read back to the top of the tree of comments rather than skipping to the bottom to see where the origin of the word “boohoo” came from in this whole discussion.

      The fact that you put emphasis on that rather than the discussion means you have even less to say than what you are criticizing.

  • LesserofTwoEvils

    Oh, well…. Better BH6 than HTTYD2. That’s the small consolation I take away.

  • alex


  • Nick Name

    “Feast” won because Disney promoted the hell out of it. A throwback to the corporate cartoons of the 1960s, it contained neither wit nor humor and did not even deserve the honor of a nomination, to say nothing of an award. Technically excellent, to be sure, but in service to a nothing story.
    At least, the atrocious “Lava” was deservedly shut out of consideration.

  • Nicky

    So you’re saying I cannot enjoy both Book of Life and Big Hero 6? That sounds like what you are saying. You’re also acting as if Book of Life has failed when it has made back it’s money and also has been a hit with fans and critics. So just because Disney made this particular movie, I should hate it? I’m confused.

    • Raspyberry

      I just feel you made an overstatement.
      The Book of Life was more culturally inspired than Big Hero 6…”telling Hollywood POC have stories worth telling”
      BH6 was still very much an American concoction, just with a foreign cosmetic & a diverse cast.

  • AmidAmidi

    I have no inside knowledge of this, but my bet is that LAVA won’t be released with INSIDE OUT. It’s among the most embarrassing things the studio has made and not worthy of the Pixar brand.

  • Michael Young

    No, he’s right. Despite being owned by Disney, in terms of creative teams, animators, etc. PIXAR and Walt Disney Animation are two completely different entities.