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Amid Interviewed About The Ward Kimball Biography

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Didier Ghez, editor of the important Walt’s People anthologies and proprietor of the Disney History blog, interviewed me about my upcoming biography Full Steam Ahead!: The Life and Art of Ward Kimball. It’s the first time I’ve spoken about how the book came about and some of its contents. Read the interview HERE.

  • gervart

    Really looking forward to this book!

  • I am really looking forward to this book. What a tease, saying you had access to those strike-era diaries. I hope you quoted them profusely, if not in their entirety!

    • If I had quoted the strike months in their entirety, it would be longer than the entire length of the biography. ;)

  • Sarah

    Cool! I can’t wait to buy a copy when it comes out.

  • bob kurtz

    amid,as you know, i knew ward and i looking forward to discovering the many surprises i will find in your book. ward was something else. an amazing talent,who was always interested in young talent. always accessible and always fun.

  • Bill

    Sounds great. I pre-ordered. I was hoping you would get a lot about the Firehouse 5+2 in there. Although it seemed obvious that art was his main focus, the FH5+2 was such a great band,I was interested in how seriously Ward took his music.

    • robert butler

      Maybe you’ll be interested on going to http://Www.rbistudio.com/firehouse5plus2 and http://Www.rbistudio/stompers. This is my illustration website.
      The illustration section is not completed yet but the other two sections are for the history of Ward’s FH5+2 and the FHStompers with some fire toys from the FH5+2’s past. Enjoy!

  • TheDirtyVicar

    I’m really looking forward to this, and Amid is the perfect person to helm the project because his personal integrity and obvious appreciation of the subject know no bounds.

    On another note, the scan of Kimball brings to mind a funny piece of advice that my old SVA professor Will Eisner told me: “All cartoonists end up looking like their characters, so be careful what you draw!” (He was only half-serious. He was so used to fans telling him he looked like Police Commissioner Dolan – a character Eisner first drew while in his twenties, and “grew” to resemble in middle age.) Kimball looks like one of his characters, specifically the Mad Hatter! I guess it was inevitable.

  • bob kurtz: I hope you write a book! You’ve worked alongside so many amazing people, and your experiences running one of LA’s top commercial studios would be great to hear about!

    Bill: The rise of the Firehouse Five is documented in the book alongside Ward’s rise in animation.

    TheDirtyVicar: Maybe I’ve just looked at too much Ward over the past few years, but most of his characters (Tweedledee/Tweedledum, Lucifer, Pecos Bill) have elements of his own appearance in them. By the end, it was hard to separate Ward from one his characters. ;)

  • Solid interview- thanks to you & Didier. The books’ release can’t come fast enough!

  • debra solomon

    The book looks great…can’t wait!!!

  • David

    Waiting for this release with baited breath! In fact, I’m feeling the urge to go draw some truly crazy stuff right now! Ward Kimball was my favorite in Walt’s group of animators. Imagine if he and Chuck Jones had ever gotten together on a project! :)