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Artist of the Day: Uli Meyer

Uli Meyer

Uli Meyer runs a studio in London which has examples of its film, TV and commercial productions here.

Uli Meyer

The real ‘meat and potatoes’ for fellow artists (production drawings, rough sketches and works in progress) are featured on his blog, including the progress he is making on a recently funded picture book called, Cuthbert Was Bored. Cuthbert is related to a previous personal project that Uli created, Casting the Birds, which was featured earlier on Cartoon Brew.


Uli MeyerUli MeyerUli Meyer
  • I worked with Uli for a time.
    He’s just about the best feller I’ve ever been lucky enough to work with and I’m pleased to have him as a pal
    He also draws like a demon.

  • ryan adams

    Uli meyers work is just wonderful..i would love to have coffee and a sketch with him!….more chance of world peace, so i will stick to his blog :)

  • Michael Sporn

    That picture of Milt Kahl experimenting with top pegs just made my day. Absolutely the most brilliant piece of comedy about animation I’ve seen in forever..

    You’ve got it right today. You picked on a real artist, and got it so right. Uli Meyer has always been someone I’ve seen from afar, but believe me I’ve seen him.Such great work; he’s on the level of Ronald Searle, himself. At least, for me, he’s been every bit as great an inspiration as Searle has. It’s wonderful that animation has such talented artists. Many thanks for bringing attention to someone who so deserves it. That’s what it’s all about.

  • Omar Momani

    Wow. everything here is amazing. it bit reminds mr of Richard Willians sketches.

  • Greg Manwaring

    Uli is one of the good guys! He has given more than most people would/could in their lifetime to try to get projects made – literally putting his money where his mouth is. Much respect! He has been a champion for 2d handdrawn animation and I imagine will continue to be. Uli is one talented fella, and I am happy to consider him a good friend (as will many others reading this I’m sure!). Thanks for featuring him here Amid!

  • Elana Pritchard

    I love his drawing style.

  • Stephen Worth

    Wow! Fantastic stuff!

  • Amir Avni

    Uli’s a genius!

  • Carlos Alexandre Lutterbach

    Uli is an incredible artist and a great guy.

    There is a indefinable quality to his work that makes you jump in your seat with excitement with every new image. His drawings are filled with a very personal sensibility, and at the same time his art is so relatable and honest that it draws you in to its own world. A true master!