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Day & Night: The Book

I’m not hiding my enthusiasm for Teddy Newton’s short Day & Night, and neither is Pixar. Instead of releasing a Little Golden Book based on the short, as they had for several previous shorts, the studio contracted with Chronicle Books to produce a handsome little hardback edition. Teddy wrote and drew this adaptation and its a wonderful souvenir of the film — a cartoon sure to be nominated for this year’s Best Animated Short. I took these snaps with my iPhone above and below (click thumbnails below to enlarge). The book just came out and is listed on Amazon now for ten bucks ($10.19 to be exact)! 36 glossy pages, beautifully rendered and a must-have.

P.S. Next week we’ll have a surprise contest for an autographed copy of the book.

  • That is some beautifully-bound eye candy. I just placed my order on Amazon before I even finished reading this post!

  • Looks very cool. I thought this was the most innovative, engaging and amusing short in a long time.

  • Katella Gate

    “Day and Night” is popular for the same reasons Mozart is popular: they exist at the narrow intersection where good taste, popular appeal, high-concept, and masterful execution cross paths.

    It’s a rare thing when a work of entertainment deserves not praise, but love.

    • That review is almost as beautiful as the film.

  • holyduck

    Nice on the contest. I’ll try to enter.

  • Fred Sparrman

    Does it come with an embedded talking chip, so that the book can be ruined by Dr. Wayne Dyer’s speech too?

    • Dan Ang


    • You said it, Fred.

    • Oliver

      The bit that the radio station broadcasts at the end? I thought that was too obvious as well.

  • I Just ordered my copy! it looks to be awesome!!!! was hoping something like this would come out! and i am thrilled that Teddy Newton handled it!! That postman can’t get here soon enough!!!

  • I’ll take one off your hands.
    You have my details I presume.

    Thanks in advance