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Review Copies of The Art of Pixar Short Films

The Art of Pixar Short Films

Just a quick note: if you’re part of the media (print or online–US/Canada) and would like a review copy of my new book The Art of Pixar Short Films (now with a striking cover of Luxo Jr.), then drop me a line with your details. Review copies will be going out soon. There’s a limited number I can send from my side, but I’ll try to get you on the list. I received an advance of the book this week and I think it’s a really nice addition to Pixar’s ‘art of’ series. I’ll also be doing book give-aways for Brew readers sometime in the next month or two.

  • Jim

    I like the cover design – especially the fonts and design elements used for your name and John’s. Great lookin’ book – will definitely have to get it.

  • Nerd

    Hey Amid… does the book sneak preview the short coming up in front of UP?

  • Pedro Nakama

    How many “The Art of…” books should someone own?

  • amid

    Jim: I think the final cover design is fantastic too. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book too.

    Nerd: The book is designed as a companion to the Pixar shorts dvd that came out a while back. Only the shorts on that dvd are covered in this book.

    Pedro: At the very least, all those with my name on the cover ;-)

  • tom

    Wow. What a juicy offer. My own blog is too humble to rate, alas, but that’s a wonderful deal for someone out there.

    I’ll definitely pick this one up.

  • Douglas Anderson

    When does this book get released?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Don’t get me wrong. I loved your Cartoon Modern book.

  • KNSat

    Could you explain to me how someone who calls Presto’s selection as an Oscar nominee (along with 4 other animated shorts) an “abomination” be the author of a book like this.

  • Hey Amid, I’ve sent you my contacts from Flickr. I will definitely be getting the book even if it’s not a complimentary copy.

    Strange, the first time I saw the book cover, it was one of red colour with a strip of 4 screenshots of pixar shorts.

  • greg m

    I agree KNSat.

  • amid

    Doug: The books are done and being shipped right now. They’re supposed to arrive in stores and at Amazon by the end of February, give or take a week or two.

    Parka: I got your info. You’re on the list!

    KNSat: A company doesn’t buy my opinion when they hire me to write a book; they buy my services to objectively examine their work and to write an accurate history of their work. I love what Pixar does with their shorts divisions and I think they’ve made a lot of wonderful shorts over the years. BUT, and this is a big but, just because I wrote this book doesn’t mean that I’m going to say that every Pixar short is the best short of the year from now on. That’s not what they paid me to do.

    Also, I never called “Presto” an abomination. I called the Academy’s short nominations on the whole an abomination. Big difference. But I understand how somebody who wants to stir up something would sensationalize my comments and take them out of context.

  • KNSat

    Talk about parsing words…

    Doesn’t someone who calls the Oscar selection of short animation films an “abomination” qualify as being “somebody who wants to stir up something” and “sensationalize” a subject?

    It’s one thing to be an objective critic. It’s quite another to use sensationalistic language that goes way over the boundary of objective opinion.

  • GeorgeC


    Don’t worry, he’s trying to sell a book.

    He’s always nice when it’s his shit he’s selling!

    If it’s somebody, it’s perfectly okay for Amid to behave like an asshat.