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Teddy Newton on Day & Night

Here’s a nice little viral video/slide-show of Pixar’s Teddy Newton discussing his new Chronicle book based on his short Day & Night.

  • imdgman

    go Teddy, go!! see Teddy go!

  • Totally amazing. I purchased this book at the Oakland Museum on July 31, while attending the Pixar Event that’s going on now. My 17 month old has really taken to the film, thanks to iTunes. Even though it’s a bit blurry. Wish the would release it in it’s original format of stereo, who dosen’t have a pair of Real 3D glasses laying around. Buy the book.

  • Martyn

    Looks lovely, if it’s a fraction as beautiful as the short then it’ll be a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

  • Jody Morgan

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    (Sorry if I posted twice, I couldn’t tell if it went through)

  • MMiller

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  • Justin M. Durden

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  • Drew-p

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  • Bert Klein and Teddy Newton’s short was “Boys Night Out”

  • Was it “Boys Night Out?”

  • Drew-p

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  • Boy’s Night Out, super fun short!

  • Ronan McDermott

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  • Joe Sipkins

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  • Drew-p

    I think it is Boy’s Night Out….. maybe…. i think

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  • William Skaleski

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  • Oliver

    As heavy-handed as the bit at the end is, I still laugh at the butthurt (pun intended) who call this short “gay propaganda”.

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  • Drew-p

    Ha. Ha. That was awesome….. i think.

  • Jody Morgan won the book.

    My old pal Steve Segal came in second, losing it by a few seconds… I’ll ask Chronicle if they can spare an extra copy for Steve (no promises, though).

    Thanks to all who entered!

  • Boy’s Night Out?

  • Mike Bell

    Thank you Teddy. It’s really great.

  • So cool!