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Box Office Report

‘Trolls’ Launches With $18 Million Internationally; GKIDS Expands ‘Miss Hokusai’ in U.S.

Trolls debuted in 11 markets this weekend, picking up number one debuts in nine of them, for a total of $18 million. Since launching last weekend in Denmark, Holland, and Israel, the latest Dreamworks Animation film has accrued $21.1 million.

The top region for the Mike Mitchell-directed film was the United Kingdom, which deliver $6.9m, followed by France ($4.17m) and Germany ($2.2m). In Denmark, the home of the Danish toy franchise upon which the film is based, Trolls held the top spot for a second week in a row.

Trolls has yet to open in 70 markets, including the United States, where it will bow on November 4.

In the U.S., GKIDS expanded its Oscar-contending anime Miss Hokusai into 84 theaters, the highest-theater count of any GKIDS release ever. The Keiichi Hara-directed film picked up $71,299 for a per-theater average of $849. The modest average is respectable for a foreign import that has had little exposure in America, but also highlights the challenges of selling unconventional not-for-all-ages animated features to a nationwide audience.

  • KLA

    November is a crowded field this year. Dr. Strange, Trolls, Fantastic Beasts, & Moana. My only thought is Dr. Strange is being released on Nov 4 as well, so what the hell is Dreamworks doing?

    • I guess they figure that little kids would want to see Trolls instead of Dr. Strange.

      • Roman Reigns Owns The IWC

        Sing is being released a week after Star Wars.

  • Nina

    Reviews for “Trolls” look good. That could change of course once it opens in NA, but it’s promising. I thought the trailers looked pretty generic personally, but I wouldn’t mind to be proven wrong. It’d be nice for Dreamworks to have another hit on its hands

    • It has a 88% right now on Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 6.5/10. But the Metacritic score is only 48/100. Personally, I might see it, but the story looks very predictable and generic.

    • Max C.

      Storks only got 64% and it’s far, far better. Trolls, despite being more innovative visually – especially during a couple of musical numbers – than Strange Magic and Troll in Central Park, is just a by-the-numbers Hollywood cringefest of rap, glitter farts and the power of love (a force from above, cleaning my soul). It’s like Sausage Party for kids in a way, but not nearly as funny.

  • I wasn’t too confident for Trolls, and I still feel iffy. But something is trying to tell me, this might be DreamWorks’ next franchise if they do well Domestically. They’ve been consistent in keeping people updated/in the know for the film through marketing, so that gives them a chance for success.

    • Never write off something too quickly. It may look dumb at first, but with just the right marketing and support (toys were out months in advance), it can surprise you…..

      • Nina

        Yeah, MAC Cosmetics even released a “Trolls”-themed line back in August! As much as I hate the original toys, the creators have certainly made the ones in the film look super cute.

      • Barrett

        When I heard they were making a Lego Movie, I thought “how toyetic and derivative.” When I saw the trailers, I thought “hrm, looks like it could be fun.” When I actually saw the movie, I thought “this is a masterstroke!”

        I don’t expect Trolls to surprise me to that extent, but that’s why I always reserve judgment until I actually see the film and not just trailers and promos.

  • Tory

    I had the opportunity to see Miss Hokusai a few days back and it was a pretty good movie with gorgeous imagery. Considering it was based on a manga its interesting that they chose to show it in a series of vignettes rather than changing it to how movies normally flow. Another thing is that I hope parents do keep in mind the PG-13 rating since there are some scenes or images that are not very appropriate for kids. All in all I recommend it.

  • GabzGirl

    Trolls has been out since last Friday here in the U.K., but I still don’t really feel like seeing it. The animation looks lush, but the predictable story and pop musical aspect of it turns me off somewhat.

    • Roman Reigns Owns The IWC

      DreamWorks has made good movies out of ideas that people thought was gonna suck, like Kung Fu Panda and How to train your Dragon.

  • GOATmaybe

    Looks like one of those cartoons that isn’t exactly great but nothing offensive either. Basically a solid effort from what I hear but would have to see for myself.

  • Roman Reigns Owns The IWC

    DreamWorks has been known to make “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” films.