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“Trump (Pump Trump)” by Bad History

An animated rap video starring Donald Trump.

Production: FrameBreed Studio
Director: Bad History
Music: KMP
Voice talent: Deiu Stanciu
Lyrics: Andrei Brovcenco, Deiu Stanciu, Vlad Gheorghiu Enescu
Art director: Andrei Nicolae

  • slothy

    the main problem i have with this clip is, he doesn’t really look like trump.
    what would clinton’s musicvideo look like? spasming in a fallout vault?
    luckily as a european I don’t have to vote, because I seriously couldn’t decide who is worse.

  • Can’t wait for Hillary one.

  • Paul M

    Awesome. Now do Hillary.

    • Mister Twister

      This. Either post political cartoons of EVERYONE, or NO ONE.

      • LarryP

        Meh. Its not your site, and its not like he has hidden his political point of view. Besides, the anti-hillary cartoons ive seen are terrible artistically. This one just looks fun.

        • Mister Twister

          Who’s site is it then?

          Also, Ben Garrisson is a pro at making fun of Hillary.

          • LarryP

            It belongs to the founder, Amid Amidi. He xan post whatever he wants.

  • ea

    I wonder if in a post-Trump America we’ll finally get Song of the South and the Censored Eleven on Blu-Ray…