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How Animation Artists See Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (Updated)

The U.S. presidential elections will take place in a little over a month, ending one of the goofiest political cycles in the country’s history.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it’s been hard to ignore the outlandish cartoonishness of this year’s candidates, something that has not gone unnoticed by artists working the animation community. Industry artists have been working overtime to create some fantastic cartoons and caricatures of the Republican and Democrat candidates—Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively—and frankly, they’re funnier and better designed than a lot of the work being done by professional political cartoonists.

We’re happy to share some of them today on Cartoon Brew. If you know of other politically-themed cartoons created by industry artists, share them in the comments.

Sam Nassour
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as Angry BIrds by Sam Nassour.
Bill Plympton
Donald Trump by Bill Plympton.
Paul Briggs
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by Paul Briggs
Aliki Theofilopoulos
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by Aliki Theofilopoulos.
Benjamin Arcand
Donald Trump by Benjamin Arcand.
Colin Jack
Donald Trump by Colin Jack. Donald Trump by Colin Jack.
Dean Heezen
Election 2016 by Dean Heezen
Vincent Waller
Election 2016 by Vincent Waller
Lindsey Olivares
Election 2016 by Lindsey Olivares Election 2016 by Lindsey Olivares Election 2016 by Lindsey Olivares
Benton Connor
"(Names favorite TV show.)"
“(Names favorite TV show.)”
Peter Hannan
Election 2016 by Peter Hannan Election 2016 by Peter Hannan Election 2016 by Peter Hannan
Mike Bear
Election 2016 by Mike Bear
Michael Dougherty
Election 2016 by Michael Dougherty
Ricardo De Los Angeles
Election 2016 by Ricardo De Los Angeles
Stephen Silver
Election 2016 by Stephen Silver

Another rewarding illustration trend has been creating scenarios that incorporate the cartoon candidates with famous animation characters. Not all of these were created by animation artists, but they’re all worth sharing.

Jeff Delgado
Election 2016 by Jeff Delgado
Adam Ellis
Election 2016 by Adam Ellis
Alex Solis
Election 2016 by Alex Solis
Josh Rodgers
Election 2016 by Josh Rodgers
  • Chicken McPhee

    Thank you, Adam Ellis, now my drink has shot out of my nose and all over my keyboard.

  • CreepyKin

    Vincent Waller’s piece: A commentary on how everyone’s favorite wannabe despot has no shame?

    • Mister Twister

      Thank you for making this post less biased.

  • Marc Hendry

    the crop of candidates this year (including Cruz and Sanders) seem to have revitalized the art of caricature. At least there’s some kind of upside

  • I made Trump Kong out of cardboard.

  • Those are some nice drawings for sure. I must say though that this election has been HORRIBLE! The Democrats put up a woman whose basically a crook while the Republicans put up a man that’s completely crazy and racist. Two blond haired, near 70 year old, white, New York elitists. My gosh!

  • Why are there so much hate for Trump and not for Hilary? If you do your research you will find that Hilary and Trump are the same when it comes to unfavorable moves.

    • Marie

      There’s more hate for Trump because he is more hateful. We New Yorkers know all about him. The whole country’s been listening to him for the last 15 months and has done its research on Hillary. The caricatures above accurately describe our conclusions.

      • Yep. Both are horrible candidates, but between the two, she’s slightly better over him.

      • Goranson

        Hillary has destroyed two nations already and she isn’t even president yet. Do her supporters wanna see how many she can knock out while in office or something?

    • jawsnnn

      Not so.

      They have both done bad things, irritating things… but when it comes to comparing – Trump is empirically much much worse… esp. when you have a choice and its either Hillary or Racist deranged Hitler clown

    • Nelbia Aielxs
    • Vincent Waller

      I’ve done plenty of research, but like Marie below, I spent seven years in the eighties living in New York, watching Drumpf be Drumpf, screwing anyone he felt he could get away with doing so. Generally being a self important racist asshat that assumes might makes right.
      Meanwhile all the Clinton “Scandles” are mostly republican’ts smoke and mirrors, wishful thinking grabbing at straws.

    • Scott Johnson

      Keep in mind for a Cartoonist, there’s a lot more to make fun of Trump for like his appearance or his outlandish statements. It gives more freedom to different jokes and interpretations of his demeanor. There’s a lot more comedy you can get out of a Trump than Clinton because of Trump’s personality.

    • Barrett

      The arguments against Hillary are mainly partisan. The main difference between the Clintons and any other major American politician is they’re more artful with their lies and Hillary in particular is more hated because she dares to be both a career politician and female.

      The countless negatives against Trump transcend party politics, in fact a lot of conservatives dislike him because his popu-nationalist garbage is a hodgepodge of traditionally liberal and conservative ideas, mashed together in a Frankenstein way. His history and his current behavior have shown him to be a mental case who appeals to other mental cases. His poll numbers would be in the low 20s if the more intelligent Republicans were not so horrified by the idea of Hillary as President, Their “support” for Trump is grudgingly given, at best.

      There actually are some pretty funny and well-drawn cartoons critical of Hillary out there, along with a whole bunch of lame mediocre ones, by traditional political cartoonists. I’m guessing most people in the animation community are somewhat liberal or at least centrist, so that may explain the imbalance.

  • omegalbagel
  • silvestreArt
  • Mister Twister

    Yeeeeeeeah… not biased at all.

    • Artist

      Who cares? One wants to use nukes and one is a standard double faced politician. Stating that something is biased just means you don’t know how to argue.

      • Fenne

        More like one has said he’d do horrible things if in office while the other already has a political history of criminal activity.

        They’re both awful, but let’s not act like one is a saint here. Remember that Hillary is the reason Bernie was forced out of the race.

        • Lucky Jim

          Well yeah, when you win the nomination, the other candidate typically is not in the race anymore.

      • Mister Twister

        I usually don’t lie in arguments.

  • Strong Enough

    why is she hateful?

    • Barrett

      She’s hateful to people who dislike left-wing policies. To those of us who prefer left-wing politics, most see her as a morally-ungrounded professional pol who will sometimes do good things and sometimes do bad things, and is driven less by ideology than personal ambition. That’s why Bernie presented such a strong challenge to her, despite being a mussed-hair septuagenerian with far fewer major political accomplishments than her. She’s pretty much cold gruel, but Trump is a hot dump of diseased crap. I’ll take the gruel if that’s the only other option left.

  • Dan Sprogis
  • Patricia Luna Alfiorova

    There’s a Trump surprise in this one:

  • FM Hansen

    Awesome stuff

  • foreigner.

    Lmao I love it!