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CB Fest

CB Fest Premiere: ‘Here’s The Plan’ by Fernanda Frick

CB Fest, our series of online short film premieres, enters its second season with Fernanda Frick’s Here’s the Plan (Chile, 2017), a cg short film about a cat-and-dog couple working through the ups and the downs of modern relationships with a partner.

Here’s the Plan is Frick’s fourth and most ambitious film to date. Her maturing voice as an animation filmmaker is evident in this project; she reaches beyond standard cliches and portrays a dynamic relationship of a young couple struggling to balance their careers and passions, and to uncover what truly matters to them. From the stylized rendering to the natural character voices, the film offers unconventional directorial choices, integrated through Frick’s clear guiding vision.

Tonight’s premiere of Here’s the Plan is co-presented with the short film experts at Short of the Week. For more insights, read their informative write-up about the film.

To see more of Fernanda Frick’s projects, visit her studio website. If you enjoyed the film, be sure to share it on Vimeo, Facebook, and Youtube. And if you want more Here’s the Plan goodies, visit the film’s online store.

Here’s the Plan Visual Making-Of Essay
"Here's the Plan" by Fernanda Frick.
"Here's the Plan" by Fernanda Frick.
"Here's the Plan" by Fernanda Frick. "Here's the Plan" by Fernanda Frick.
"Here's the Plan" by Fernanda Frick. "Here's the Plan" by Fernanda Frick. "Here's the Plan" by Fernanda Frick.
  • Tearful, yet powerful. Emotional, yet heartfelt. Courageous, yet strong. These are the words I’m using to describe this brilliant piece. Kudos to Fernanda for never giving up!

  • Jay Sabicer

    A very sweet tale of dreams, reality and thumbing one’s nose at reality. Also, not mentioned in your post Amid, are the American voice actors, Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera, who both are animators here in the states. They’ve created one of Mondo Media’s oddest-of-all animated series Baman Piderman.

    • AmidAmidi

      Fernanda gives them credit in the visual essay part of the piece.

  • Valjean

    “It’s sad that something has to reflect a nihilist view of the world to be considered deep or worthwhile.”

    I couldn’t agree more! Cheers to Ms. Frick for telling such a heartfelt and genuine story.

    • Daniela

      Happy endings are not less cliché or deep.

  • Oyemathias

    Amazing! <3

  • I’ve already got done watching the whole short film and I’m very happy to say that I love every single minute of it. ❤ If you all want my full in depth review of Here’s the Plan, here’s a link to it:

    Anyway, this is how you do a real ‘follow your dreams’ type of story without the unrealistic over-the-top expectations that Disney likes to insert in each of their animated films. You can still have this kind of story but still keep it in reality of where trials and hardships will occur and relationships won’t necessary be picture perfect. It still gives the viewer hope in persuading their lifelong dreams without setting the bar too high.

  • Capital_7

    I loved the whole thing, but dogs and cats living together? Mass hysteria.

  • Dagarar

    So cute it hurts!

  • Michelle

    I really love Fernanda’s film. It make me cry, and I say this because I was feeling every dialogue every scene. Im so honored to be inspired by this incredible artist who I didn’t know before, to do my own work. Congratulations to the artist and all the crew!

  • Really cute and relatable!

  • Marc Hendry

    Beautiful stuff! Well done to everyone involved!