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David OReilly Is Giving Away His “External World” Character Rigs

In what may be a first for a major award-winning animated short, filmmaker David OReilly has released all of the character rigs from his short The External World. OReilly follows in the footsteps of filmmakers like Blender Open Projects and Nina Paley who have also released animation production assets for the educational benefit of the community. Says OReilly:

You can use and modify them in any way you like as long as it’s for a non-commercial purpose. Showreels, short films, indie games, all that stuff is cool – just give credit. If it’s web based – include a link to my site. I’m releasing these without a how-to (or support of any kind) but it should be very straight forward. They are extremely low-weight and easy to animate with, all are compatible with versions of Maya after 2010.

  • jmahon

    this is great! I always thought most of them were so adorably simplistic, like toys or something I wanted to play with, and now we can. I’m going to learn a lot by picking them apart- there were some unique choices in rigging that are going to be interesting.

  • Mike Scott

    My hero.

  • This is the coolest thing I’ve heard in a long time. I love The External World. David OReilly you are my favorite person right now.

  • jonhanson

    Wow! Love this! More animators should do this, they could even charge for them.

  • Adrinacasting

    Animation Wars!

  • Richard Fox

    external world is my most favorite animation OF ALL TIME!!!!