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“Strange Oaks” by Headless Productions

Barcelona-based Headless Productions has attracted a lot of attention for its hand-drawn projects. They’ve translated their quirky aesthetic into CGI before, such as this feature trailer, and now they’ve tried it again with a CG test piece called Strange Oaks.

Directed and designed by HEADLESS
3D supervisor: Javier Verdugo
Modeling&Lighting: Javier Verdugo
Rigging: Miquel Campos
Animation: PH Dallaire, David St-Amant, Guillaume Pelletier, Christine Houle

  • Matt Maners

    These guys do the best stuff be it 2d or 3d. I hope one of their projects gets made and gets made soon. Their “I am a Monster” trailer looks awesome as does “Dad’s missing head”.

  • arv

    i love their work. But I would like to see more 2d hand drawn from the studio

  • Ikas

    love everything about this.. from the character design to the animation to the story…

  • jhalpernkitcat

    That was wonderfully creepy. Poor kids.

  • Mike

    I am seriously on pins and needles for the day one of Headless’ teasers is made into a full film. Any one, I’m not picky. They’re all fantastic.

  • Great work. Here’s hoping they produce more, both hand-drawn and CG.

  • mari

    when is it coming? i’d love to watch it >_<