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Disney Releases “Frozen” Teaser Trailer

And here it is…the teaser trailer for Disney’s Frozen:

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  • Gerp

    For a while there I thought the elk would act like an elk, rather than a dog.

  • Sutura

    ICE AGE 5 Chasing carrots instead of nuts?

  • John

    This looks so generic, was it animated in India?

  • Roberto Severino

    Pet peeve of mine: Movie trailers having to advertise that this movie was from the creators of fill-in-the-blank and fill-in-the-blank. It gets really annoying and repetitive after a while and I’ve seen this same gimmick done on a lot of live action trailers too! We know just from the visuals it’s from Disney. No need to state the obvious.

    As for the animation, it looks and feels the same as many of Disney’s other modern productions. Nothing that interesting or special about it, but I do like the backgrounds. There is some comedy potential in this scene too, but I think we’ve all seen this kind of animation done numerous times. Homogeneity is a big problem in many of these features, especially in the visuals. The artists don’t really get to have that much of an impact stylistically.

    In virtually most animation studios of yesteryear like Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, and many others, there was usually some kind of overall house style, but you could tell different animators apart. There are obviously differences in how Freddie Moore, Ward Kimball, and Milt Kahl drew and likewise with other animators like Irv Spence, Jim Tyer, Art Davis, Johnny Gent, and Rod Scribner. I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with CGI if the people using it as a tool could embrace the individual traits and styles of the artists and use it as an advantage.

    • IJK

      As for your first statement, that’s entirely untrue.

      “We know it’s from the visuals of Disney.” Sure, WE do as animators. The general public might think this is Pixar. Not a lot of casual movie goers are even aware Sony Pictures or Blue Sky is a “thing”.

      • Funkybat

        It’s truly amazing to see how oblivious non-artists I know are as to what studio produced which 3D animated film. (And this isn’t a knock on 3D being ‘generic’, these folks thought “Anastasia” was Disney too.)

        The differences were once very obvious, say, ten years ago. These days, the level of quality is so high that even movies like “Escape From Planet Earth” could be mistaken for Dreamworks or “How To Train Your Dragon” could be mistaken for Pixar.

        I don’t mind the “from the creators of ______” taglines at the beginning of tilers, but I do mind the simplistic two syllable titles that don’t really pertain to the film, and the marketing that makes all of the characters look “badass” with snarky, sneering expressions, including characters that wouldn’t make such faces in the actual film.

        • Roberto Severino

          Great comments guys!

          IJK: I forgot all about the Pixar and Disney distinction. Thinking about what you said, I think you’re completely right. I just think the taglines have been overdone in certain places, like with live action comedies. Sometimes it’s the producers who get credit with those rather than the creators or writers.

          Funkybat: I completely agree with you too. There have to be more creative ways of advertising animated films, though I’m not sure how much of an impact on revenue for the companies.

  • J
  • Sean Dicken

    Completely uninspired. Lifted from this short film:

    • Riu Tinubu

      That’s really… wow, awkward.

    • Roberto Severino

      I looked up Neil Wrischnik’s name on LinkedIn to see if he worked on this and couldn’t find anything. The Snowman short according to IMDB seems to be from 2010! At least they can do is give Mr. Wrischnik some special credit for that idea somewhere in this movie if this wasn’t just some weird coincidence.

    • pjthelogan

      Incredibly unlikely since these films take four years to make and that short was made after that.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Having another quadruped behave like a dog is a cop-out.

    Domestic dogs are so accessible that we THINK we know how they behave and no further investment to acting (the challenge of thinking like a member of the deer family in this case) has to be made. Even most dogs in animation fall into broad puppy-like behavior. Good animation; lazy acting. The best animated dog was in Triplets Of Belleville IMHO.

    I like the snowman. I hope his cartooniness works.

  • ConorM

    It’s a fun short, with some nice enough animation. I’m just worried that this focus on comic relief side characters demonstrates a step backwards from Wreck-it Ralph and Tangled. Whereas those films managed to be engaging and funny while still focusing on their own stories, Disney in the past has kind of relied on scenes of zany secondary characters doing things not pertaining to the story to create humor in films where the leads were relatively straight and uninteresting.

  • Internet Commenter

    Boring. I’ve seen reindeers before. Snowmen can’t talk. Also I noticed certain other things that are clever. I’m very observant and therefore your teaser trailer has been defeated. You should up-vote this post so others will know you are clever also.

  • CG_Animator

    I love the cartoony squash/stretch animation on the snowman. And the elk animation is fun too! The whole “CG can’t be cartoony” argument just went down the toilet… again.

    The design looks a lot like an Eric Goldberg character. My guess is he had a lot of influence over that character like he did with King Candy in Wreck-it-Ralph.

    I love how the biggest complaint here is “the elk doesn’t act like a REAL elk”… And these are probably the same people who would complain if the elk was animated realistically instead. They’d say: “If I wanted to watch a realistic elk I turn on Animal Planet!”.

    You just can’t please some people.

    • Roberto Severino

      The animation of the elk struggling to move across the ice was the best part. There was even a feeling of weight and power in many of the scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric Goldberg had a hand in creating this scene.

  • mick

    cows gonna moo, wind gonna blow, pigeons gonna pige… tell me about the snowman

  • rickyb

    Am I the only one who kinda likes being able to tell a different animators fingerprint on a shot? I’m all for continuity and cohesive style, but there’s gotta be room for personal expression within there other than just acting choices.

    • Revy

      I’m with you on that. Though in CG, it’s much easier to keep everyone “on model’ both in animation style and character consistency. I’ve worked on features where I was assigned a shot, then given another shot on the film as reference, and told “animate it like this.”

      Not sure what it was like back in the 2D days, but at the very least, the hand of the artist through his/her pencil was unique, especially in the roughs.

  • rickyb

    Don’t worry everyone, there’s a dog in the movie that act’s like an elk. It all balances out in the white wash.

    • SummerDay

      Not sure if saying white wash as a pun about snow or if you don’t know what the term white-wash means…

  • Alex Dudley

    Well, it does have that nice Disney look, and the animation is really good. But this still look like it’s all just the same ol’ thing.

  • Skip

    My first thought having seen this trailer was, “If the movie is like this, I probably won’t see this film unless I am accompanied with kids” I have never felt the need to bring a kid with me to see an animated film before.

  • Ju-osh

    This has the same tepid, derivative, safe-for-absolutely-everyone feel as the Pixar shorts. Do the Oscars award ads? If ‘Mater’s Panzer Playset’ doesn’t win, this one’s a shoe-in!

  • Marie

    Ah, yes. Now all criticism is dismissed with this banal phrase. How about we replace it with, “Animation lovers want to love big studio animation but can’t love uninspired drivel.”

  • Well, at least the backgrounds are nice…

  • Chris Powell

    Aww man, i was wanting to see a sense of the overall story and see how the human characters are portrayed……this still doesnt tell me anything about the movie’s tone and plot. that being said, gotta give props to whoever animated those snow man gags, fun stuff. still i was hoping for something diffrerent..sigh…

  • canimal

    When they said they were releasing a trailer last night I assumed they were realeasing, you know, an actual trailer. This is cool too..

  • Blasko

    I can see where the kids might giggle, but I found it tedious, and I have no idea what the film’s about, nor any real interest in following these characters for more than the time I’ve already seen them. I wish the animators had been given more to work with.

  • Dana B

    I thought this would change my mind about thinking this film looks boring based on the new stills. Once again, I’m wrong :/

    I was REALLY hoping that the reindeer wasn’t going to be a Maximus clone, but of course my fear came true, only worse. He pants and acts like the most stereotypical dog you could imagine. Maximus didn’t even do that for crying out load!

    As for the snowman….meh, I’ll wait for an actual trailer for a final judgment on him. For some surprising reason, he doesn’t bother me as much as some people might be with him. He has a lot of potential for physical comedy, and what I mean by that is the way he discombobulates his body into unique forms.

    Again, I really hope this movie will be great. This is not the best way to tease a film, but that last part did make me snicker. I’m sure the more that will be revealed, the more we’ll start to look forward to it…hopefully…

  • Alex Irish

    Meanwhile, The Lego Movie trailer will be ignored by Cartoon Brew

    • kori

      Well it’s not Dreamworks, Disney, or Pixar so yea…

  • Crispy Walker

    Other reports have said that Robert Lopez, the composer behind Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon, two “Best Musical” winning Broadway musicals, is writing the songs for this film, with Idina Menzel, who won a Tony for playing Elphaba in Wicked, playing the part of Elsa, the Snow Queen.

    • Jen Hurler

      Oh true! I forgot Idina Menzel was cast in this! That should have been my first (and only needed) clue. :)
      I hope it’s true that Robert Lopez is involved. The music for Avenue Q is great, and I’ve heard nothing but good things regarding The Book of Mormon. Thanks!

  • mick

    It’s at times like these that I wonder if perhaps the goat in Sir Billi was after all something to be applauded (‘sorry everyone’, runs for door, turns, blows raspberry, door locked, torn to pieces in seconds)

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    To Disney,have the reindeer flex his muscles and give him a heroic physique when he does. That will make him more interesting to older viewers.

  • mick

    and kung fu panda was lifted from skunk fu

    • IJK

      And Skunk Fu was a rip-off of Xiaolin Showdown, but with animals!

      • mick

        skip to the end….. ‘scooby doo’

  • rooniman

    Goody, now I know the movie will be annoying when it comes to humor.

  • canimal

    So I saw this last night in front of Monsters University, and the people around me actually seemed to enjoy it a lot. There was a lot of laughing at that last gag. Thats always a good thing, I guess

  • So? Decision was made to push the comedy relief to make the film marketable. At least it’s not Eddie Murphy AGAIN!

  • SamJ

    Objection, Your Honor. Relevance?

  • Ness

    Why does the moose act like a dog? Why can’t it act like a moose?