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What Keeps Wreck-It Ralph Director Rich Moore Awake at Night? [UPDATED]

Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore is conducting a Reddit AMA today and he had a rather pointed answer to the question, “What concerns did you have going into production of the film? Was there anything in particular you were worried about?” Moore’s response: “Dreamworks stealing the idea, slapping it together and getting it out first.”

UPDATE: Rich Moore can’t stop making fun of DreamWorks. In response to the question, “How annoyed are you with everyone calling this a Pixar movie?”, Moore responded, “Hey, it’s better than calling it a Dreamworks movie.” Shortly after that comment, Moore updated his Reddit AMA again saying:

And to all my talented friends and colleagues at Dreamworks, I love you guys. I wish you much success with RISE OF THE GUARDIANS and a happy, healthy relationship with 20th Century Fox.

I’m sure everyone at DreamWorks loves you too, Rich.

(h/t, Jonah)

  • Wow. Now I’m really curious what Rich’s relationship with Dreamworks Animation is…

    I am surprised “Wreck-It Ralph” is the first animated video game movie. It seems like such an obvious idea.

    • Chris

      There have been a few animated Japanese features based on games, released theatrically in Japan. Not sure but I recall there was a Street Fighter II one, which was much better and truer to the source material than the two live-action movies made here (as well as a dismal syndicated animated series). Also there’s sort of Final Fantasy Spirits Within, but as each FF game is a self-contained story (although often with similar elements-Crystals, “Chochobos” etc) and it’s not based on any of the games but is it’s own story, but it still has the brand name….

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Super Mario Bros. had one back in 1986 where the duo enter a pipe to a fantasy world filled of Goombas, Koopa Troopas and commercial plugs for a tie-in furikake (rice topping). They save Princess Peach, but the writers of the film didn’t quite stay on track with the original game and Mario has to go back empty-handed (sorry to spoil that, but it was over a quarter century ago, we grow out of it).

  • Sarah J

    Haha, that’s pretty funny! Although, I don’t think Dreamworks has done that in a while, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Thomas Anderson

    Dream works has had some of the most original ideas in the last 5 years. I hate these haters. He should have been more worried about people hating it because it doesn’t start with a lamp jumping on the logo.

    • Mike

      Like the Madagascar sequel? Or the Shrek sequel? Perhaps the Shrek spinoff? The film adaptation of the Dragon book series? I’m coming up short here….

      • MrCanoehead

        To be fair, How To Train Your Dragon was so incredibly unfaithful to the book that it deserves points for creativity.
        And having read the book and seen the movie, unfaithfulness was a good thing.

    • I think when your studio has a quota to produce more than one animated films a year (considering that Pixar and Disney make one every 14 months), you’re bound to make as many hits as misses.

  • Aaron B.

    Ha. I think that’s genuinely hilarious. Not for its naivete, but because it’s a fear that plays on the mind of just about anyone in any competitive business environment of any kind.

    Not to say that the comment isn’t a little naive in and of itself… Let’s be honest, DreamWorks Animation is a threat not because it got on the Sequel Train long before Pixar did, but because Katzenberg is legitimately interested in making DWA a multimedia enterprise with its creative minds at work in film, theme park, and television entertainment. (Well, that and the fact that they’re pushing out some pretty cool flicks as of late, too.)

  • Daniel M.

    You should come have lunch here at Dreamworks Amid, we’d love to have you. We could discuss all your great posts that really do so much for the folks working in the industry. Really, it’d be great.

    We could really get into what it means to post assumptions that really have no standing other than speculation, but only piss off the aritsts who get behind these ‘stolen’ ideas that we consistently hack together so we can get back to sitting on our uninspired bums…

    Stick to posting your experimental short animation clips and we’ll all agree to disagree

    I hope China isn’t upset that we stole their Panda idea.

    • Maybe you should invite Rich Moore to lunch since he’s the one who made the comment. I don’t feel the same way Rich does—just reporting the thoughts of a prominent director in animation.

      • optimist

        Rich has a lot of friends, colleagues and former classmates who work at Dreamworks, as he & they well know. Really, the comments are just meant to be funny, that’s all.

  • wever

    Let’s look at the other answers to other questions posted there too! He really has a sense of humor!

  • wdl

    Most everyone I’ve spoken to over here at Dreamworks about Wreck-It Ralph have been looking forward to it coming out and hoping for it to do well. Quite a few people I spoke to today went out and supported it over the weekend, enjoyed it, and are happy for our friends working at Disney that it did so well.

    While I realize the director’s opinion may not be the opinion of everyone at Disney, it’s disappointing to read it from such a prominent voice.

    • wever

      He was JOKING, for Pete’s sake. No one should take it personally.

  • Daniel

    “Dreamworks stealing the idea, slapping it together and getting it out first.”

    It’s funny because this was originally Sam Levine’s idea which was stolen from him, slapped together, and got out.

    • Sotiris

      Oh, snap!

  • Em

    What a class act. Funny that he waited until AFTER his movie had a successful opening weekend to make those comments.

  • Dreamworks best films are far superior to those of Pixar.

    • Mike

      If you say so, chief.

    • Nik

      FYI, “Ralph” is a Disney film, not Pixar.

      • I did know, thanks.
        I was simply responding to some of the Dreamworks bashing above.

  • Eman

    I think he was just poking fun.
    You know, like people do.