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‘The Angry Birds Movie,’ Now With Piss-Swapping and Piss-Swallowing Gags

Less than four months away from release, Columbia Pictures released a new trailer for The Angry Birds Movie yesterday, complete with a 45-second scene in which the main gags are piss-swapping and piss-swallowing.

Watersports seems to be de rigueur for selling family animation nowadays; a trailer for DreamWorks’s Home also included a similar piss-drinking gag, along with a urinal cake-eating gag. No surprise, then, that Angry Birds’ writer is Jon Vitti, who also co-wrote Alvin and the Chipmunks, which featured a shit-eating gag.

Both Home and Alvin and the Chipmunks were successful enough at the box office, so the tasteless formulas work. And that’s what will ultimately determine the fate of Angry Birds: Will audiences buy into the predictable family animation formula once again?

The film certainly won’t flounder based on its artwork. As we’ve already established, Angry Birds is a great-looking film. And it has every reason to look great. The animation studio is Sony Pictures Imageworks, which also handles the animation for Sony Pictures Animation films like the Hotel Transylvania franchise. And both of the film’s directors — Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis — are industry vets with impressive credits, the latter having been an animation supe on one of Disney’s best modern-CG era films, Tangled.

Angry Birds maker Rovio and its partners are spending some $180 million to make and market this film. Whether audiences will flock to the film remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: they’ve almost certainly created the most expensive piss-gag in film history.

  • Tre

    And I thought nothing could beat that teaser trailer I saw for Dreamworks’ Trolls movie…Such a shame since the artwork is very nice…

    • Dave 52

      In comparison with Trolls (trailer wise) this is the superior and I mean that in a good way. Besides, at least this trailer doesn’t have that awful “Wip Nae Nae” song in it and has the characters dancing and twerking to it (even though there is the possibility that Trolls could still be a good film).

      • Tre

        Eurgh, that song just drives me mad, even though it’s just being used for the sake of the trailer. I dunno, I’m getting a Smurfs feel from those trolls, but I’m probably just getting ahead of myself. I guess with both films right now it is a case of see what comes out of future clips they use.

  • Greg

    That trailer is funny as hell!! Wow. And I really like the new Pets trailer as well.

  • WanderPony

    Oh wow…I had mixed feelings about it with the first trailer, but this has officially cemented my final feelings about it.

    So, it’s your typical underdog story? And Red got made fun of because of his EYEBROWS?! That’s dumb.

    But that pee gag…disgusting. Did it HAVE to go on for so long?

    Regardless, it should be better than Norm of the North. (Yeah, I’ve brought up that film a lot, but still.)

    • Christina

      I loved the pee joke. The length of the joke is what made it so funny.

    • Dave 52

      First off, I for one, am not a fan of low brow humor, but I’d be lying if I were to say that wasn’t the funniest pee joke I’ve ever seen. Secondly, certain people will find something about you to make fun of wether if it’s the things you like or even your appearance. Thirdly, this looks miles ahead of Norm Of The North and what made this pee joke work and Norm’s not is that it was built up and unexpected in the right way. Plus, the reactions from Chuck and Bomb made it more hilarious. Fourthly and finally, there is nothing wrong with having the underdog story just as long as that story is told well.

      • KW

        Thats not saying much, go ahead and name all the pee specific jokes you know of in film.

  • Elsi Pote

    Body fluids are the storytellers lifesavers, the same way lava (or zombies) are in video games (or movies for that matter).

    Now I know I’m missing something with all the “gold rain”, “let it rain” and drunk rappers pissing on their fans. But if it’s something that is mainstream and nobody has complain so far. I don’t see why they cannot use it.

    Sony already pushed the teen pregnancy concept in HT2,and people went to see it, so more power to them.

    My point is that there is a total collapse of the morals and values. To the point some are cashing on it while others are stuck watching at the silly tiny screen (ironyyyy!).

    It’s funny to point at these kind of things, but still within our power not to give our money to them.

    I personally will be watching Kubo and Panda 3 this year as the rest looks and sounds like crap.

    • Dave 52

      What rest exactly “looks and sounds like crap”?

  • jeffst

    I thought the pee “gag” – pun fully intended – was hilarious. In my house, “pee” and “fart” jokes never get old. Agree that it looks beautiful!

    • AmidAmidi

      That’s what they’re counting on. The formula, like I explained above, has worked many times in the past.

      • Dave 52

        I’m not really a fan of low brow humor, but that has to be the most unexpected and funniest pee joke I’ve even seen. Add the reactions from Chuck and Bomb and it just makes it more funny. I honestly don’t care if they follow a certain formula just as long as the film is good, fun, and it has just as much laughs as the this trailer did.

  • Megan

    The birds reactions at 2:10 are priceless!! Too funny.

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    I’m normally not a fan of tasteless gags but for some reason I find this one kinda funny, maybe it’s because the Eagle IS presented as some kind of heroic figure and then that happens. However I think this gag would be more adequate for an adult comedy like Beavis and Butthead or something like that, and it doesnt fit With the tone of the rest of the Movie presented in the trailer. It seems like a mixed bag, the characters look likeable but the designs and gags are uneven. Not awful but It looks mostly mediocre. Same thing With Trolls and Secret Life of Pets.

    • Dave 52

      Hopefully, the film is good and not mediocre because I really thought the trailer was hilarious. Also, I really don’t see what is wrong with the designs.

  • top_cat_james

    Thanks for urinalysis – Oops, I meant your analysis!

  • SkyeBlue

    Relax, people. It’s not like we see anything! I think this movie looks surprisingly fun. And very funny. Right up there with Zootopia and Pets. I will definitely be seeing this!

  • This article is offensive to piss-swappers.

  • I’m impressed. Didn’t think I’d like an Angry Birds movie. Guess I may have possibly been wrong… Huh.

  • animaltastica

    This is a pretty great follow up to the first trailer – getting to see a little more of the world, storyline and humor they are going for. The pee gag is hilarious. The look on their faces… ha! My only question is why not save it for the movie?

    • Mark Walton

      “Why not save it for the movie”? Surely you jest. That’s not what American trailers DO! If there’s a joke that will get a big laugh, or a big emotional reaction (like, say, revealing a character death, or the face of the villain, a key plot point late in the film, the climactic last shot of the movie, etc.), they have to put ALL of them in the trailer, so that people will go to see the movie and be bored out of their minds because they’ve already seen all the good stuff, ad nauseum. Don’t you understand?

  • Nicole

    As someone who works with kids (and lots of them) ranging in ages 2-18 the kind of joke that is constantly funny is anything to do with “pee” “poop” or “fart” the trailers all look amazing and the kids can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  • Chicken McPhee

    Well, somehow everyone seems to respond to toilet humor. I personally could do without it.

    • Dave 52

      I don’t like toilet or low brow humor, but I found this gag to be hilarious and unexpected.

      • Chicken McPhee

        I thought it was like a bit of a random Adam Sandler movie, which is pretty low-hanging fruit.

  • Not that bad…

    I mean, Bob’s Burgers is littered with butt and fart jokes and it’s still a damn great show. Not sure why a funny cartoon trailer is being berated so harshly by you because of pee jokes. Secret Life of Pets and Laika’s trailer articles certainly didn’t get this overly cynical treatment.

  • chris b

    imo, this movie continues to look far better than expected when it was first announced.

  • adam

    It’s not the pee itself, but the character’s reaction is funny.

  • Notmegan

    Haha you guys are so negative

  • Dave 52

    It’ll probably be released with Zootopia.

  • KW

    I get the feeling most of these reactions are mostly people trying to outweigh the negative tone of the article. This movie does not look as good as everyone is making it out to be.

    I’ll be the first to say even at 28 I still find toilet humor to still be hilarious, but one joke doesn’t make me interested in this film. First off its at the least 3 years too late, the story looks insanely predictable, and the visuals aren’t anything we haven’t seen before. In other words, generic.

  • Russell Hollander

    This guy clearly doesn’t have kids or balls!

  • J.S

    Looks good.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Urine for a wonderful time!

  • Anonymous

    Is this a modern day satire? The red angry bird represents Donald Trump? Angry and everyone thinks he’s awful? The pigs are illegal aliens invading the country and taking advantage of all that is there? The angry bird must now awaken the leader of the country, the eagle, who is just peeing on the country?

  • Ryoku240

    Hopefully it wont be as bad as Kung Fu Panda 3, I’ve yet to see that film but the trailer seemed to have an unnatural fixation on a certain few parts of Po.

    The more that I see these Bird designs the more I am reminded of Furby.

  • The_Purple_People_Eater

    I think this article misses the point. It’s impressive enough that this movie isn’t a massive heap of garbage but instead is already more likable than anything anyone could have ever expected. It’s not amazing looking but it has a decent looking plot, appealing designs and animation, and some funny moments in the trailer alone. Imagine how bad this could have been…I may actually go see this in theaters.

  • Hi

    Do I have to tell everyone how this trailer relates the movie to the European Migrant Crisis?

  • O

    Looks fantastic. It’s been a while since I laughed out loud at a trailer

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I’ll admit it, that pee joke was quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. The look on the birds’ faces–especially the two who were earlier swimming in that lake and drinking it was priceless.

  • Vanessa Flores

    I actually found this funny! Looking forward to this!

  • JodyMorgan

    OK, I’m in the “not a fan” camp when it comes to the pee joke at the end; that’s just my personal taste, though, and I can understand how others would find it funny. The rest of the trailer was… fairly good, with nice visuals and about the best character designs one could hope for based on that videogame. At this point, I’m thinking it might at least be worth a rental.

  • Dave 52

    Everything you said was right but you say it like it’s a bad thing. in this film’s case in particular It’s a good thing when these filmakers want to turn these icons into actual three dimensional characters and want to find a creative way to stretch the story into a movie. Both the directors of this film are aware of this.

    • Bernie Bunuan

      It’s an opportunity at best. But one problem with any video game adaption is the audience who played the games will already have their own unique narrative experience when they watch it. That includes the game mechanics and the pacing of some recognizable scenes.

      Those who aren’t familiar with the game will just wonder if this for kids or not.

  • KW

    Generic to me = boring.

  • Brad

    It’s not piss-swapping, it’s spit-swapping. You’ll never be taken seriously as a film critic if you can’t keep your body fluids straight.

  • Netko

    Generic is almost the definition of bad. If you’re too lazy or scared to think of anything even slightly original, then your movie deserves to crash and burn. Art is not some job like stacking bricks. If you only repeat every single thing others have done in the same way, your artwork is going to be regarded as bad.
    Also not being innovative does not make you generic. Generic refers specifically to recycling of overdone ideas. So if your movie has 0 things that make it stand out, yeah, it’s a bad movie.
    Angry birds doesn’t look horrible, but it’s true that it doesn’t look great either. It’s more on the line of “could go either way” (I doubt it’ll be great, but good will be enough), unlike the Secret Life of Pets, which I can guarantee is going to be terrible.