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Google To Premiere Animated Feature ‘Bunyan & Babe’ For Free

Another animated feature is being premiered internet-first on Google’s online store, Google Play.

Bunyan & Babe, made by Exodus Film Group (Igor, The Hero of Color City), will be available to watch for free exclusively through Google Play from January 12 to February 16, 2017.

Check out the trailer, below.

Google Play, already visited by many to download and buy apps, songs, and movies, has been expanded by the search engine giant into new areas in recent months. The store was host to another feature animated film, the South Korean production Bling, earlier this year which was also available for free for a limited period.

Bunyan & Babe offers a high-profile voice cast including John Goodman, Kelsey Grammer, Jeff Foxworthy, and Mark Hamill, as well as YouTube star Johnny Orlando. It tells the story about a boy’s discovery of a magical portal, where Paul Bunyan and his pet ox, Babe, live.

The 85-minute film, which was announced over a decade ago, was once planned as a live-action/cg hybrid and had Lord of the Rings visual effects supervisor Jim Rygiel attached as director. Mulan co-director Tony Bancroft was involved in the pre-production of the film and was also attached as director at one point. It being distributed by Cinedigm for its exclusive Google Play release. A theatrical release will follow in 12 U.S. markets, including New York and Los Angeles, on February 3, 2017.

  • I am NOT the credited director of this film. This is a mistake. I helped out in the pre-production phase only and have nothing to do with the final look or story of this film. Please print a retraction.

    • AmidAmidi

      We’ve corrected the piece, Tony. Sorry for the inaccuracy. You were the last announced director by Exodus and they have not yet released the name of any other director, so we were only going by what the company has announced.

  • C

    Yikes, sub-TV production values, except for the voice cast. I can’t believe Google would want to associate their brand with this.

  • C

    Yikes, sub-TV production values, except for the voice cast. I can’t believe Google would want to associate their brand with this.

    • jawsnnn

      Ikr? It looks like one of the baby TV shows that infants watch.

  • Oscar

    Jeff Foxworthy, This guy should have been in a Pixar’s Cars film, Don’t you think?

  • Cameron Ward

    Man, that animation doesn’t look good while in motion….it’s clunky and choppy….and how in tarnation did they get THOSE actors? You would think after 10 Cloverfield Lane, Goodman would make sure to pick good projects….

    Just wow…when will Hollywood just let some projects die…like if it’s been in development longer than any animated film should be in production, then it’s probably a good idea to can it or start over….

  • TKeen

    Not only does the animation look awful, but the original Paul Bunyan stories were much more creative…for instance “The men’s shanty in his camp covered a half section, and the mess camp was a stupendous affair. The range on which an army of cookees prepared the beans and “red horse” was so long that when the cook wanted to grease it up for the purpose of baking the wheat cakes in the morning, they strapped two large hams to his feet and started him running up and down a half mile of black glistening stove top.”
    Wouldn’t that be great, animated? Not to mention that the reason paul’s ox was blue is that he got stuck in the snow in a year when all the snow was blue?

  • IKone152

    Sounds interesting