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‘Paddington’ Trailer Generates Entire Tumblr Devoted To Its Creepiness

Based on Michael Bond’s 1958 children’s book A Bear Called Paddington, the live-action/CG hybrid Paddington tells the story of a Peruvian bear who finds himself living in London. The film will be released on November 28, 2014 in the Uk, followed by a Christmas Day release in the United States by the Weinstein Company/ Dimension Films.

The character has had remarkable longevity. The original book had over twenty sequels and inspired three television series—the first of which ran from 1975 to 1986 and featured an innovative stop-motion style in which Paddington himself was a model while the human characters were illustrated cut-outs. The film version instead goes for the now-commonplace approach of combining live action with a quasi-realistic anthropomorphized CGI animal.

The first images from the film were released earlier this week, to a less than positive reception. Certain viewers found the new-look Paddington just a tiny bit creepy, as evidenced by an entire Tumblr devoted to images of the CGI bear Photoshopped into scenes from horror films. He looks a little better in motion, although gags involving him tasting his own earwax and immersing his head in toilet water continue an unfortunate trend that previously gave us Alvin eating Theodore’s droppings and Hong Kong Phooey chomping on a urinal cake. I don’t remember Paddington Bear’s creator Michael Bond ever making use of gross-out humor, although admittedly I am unfamiliar with the later books in the series.

The film is due to be released in November and is helmed by Paul King, who previously worked as a director on the television series The Mighty Boosh. Colin Firth, of all people, stars as the voice of Paddington, while Framestore provides the film’s animation.

  • Anon

    What have they done to sweet little Paddington?! Seriously, this must be one of the worst trailers I have ever watched. The creepy CG design, the moronic gags, the nauseating toilet humor, the mismatched Zorba music, the horrible editing. There’s nothing redeeming about this. An utter abomination.

  • Mohegan

    Creepy? I thought the bear looked adorable. I’m not really familiair with Paddington bear, but I thought the expressions on his face in the trailer were well done. Certainly did not have that uncanny valley feeling to me.

  • GS

    Madagascar actually had Melman the giraffe eat a urinal cake.

  • Oh look! The [fish-out-of-water visitor] is afraid of escalators! It doesn’t know what toothbrushes are used for! It tries to drink toilet water! How wacky and unconventional!

    Why is it that we get served the same movies over and over? Honestly, the trailer for the new Dreamworks movie from last week had almost identical gags to this one.

  • tlc9711

    ….Trend….Can’t bear to watch….Im shock……

  • tlc9711

    The more realistic the character….the more the human precept into Uncanny Valley…..

    • Neimann

      Yup. And they never seem to get that.

      • GS

        Because they feel that the more money put into production value the better people will think of the final product, even when it’s overkill.

  • I’m not a huge Paddington fan or anything, but I did grow up with the stop-motion cartoon and… wow… I don’t know what that trailer was supposed to be for, but it’s certainly not about the genteel misadventures of a cute British bear in a duffle coat.

    Here’s what the bathroom scene is supposed to be…

  • Farleftside

    Dumb as a box of hammers.

  • Marie

    After getting rid of the Paddington books I bought in the 70’s, I recently purchased all of them from eBay just because they were a significant part of my story-loving childhood. Those books introduced me to places called “Peru” and “London.” Based on what’s in this trailer, the charm and wonder of the books has absolutely been ignored, beginning with the character design. Real bears look cuter and more appealing than this CG version. And if Paddington didn’t know what a toothbrush was used for, why would he know the green liquid would get the bad taste out of his mouth? This one gets a Netflix, maybe.

  • tlc9711

    thank you bearly much…

  • Sandy

    I guess they’ll stop soon, then :
    No skin texture though. Too bad !

  • Gary Dunn

    Darkest Peruvian..Please!

  • Mike

    Ugh, we already got one unspeakable Avatar film…

  • AnimationGuy

    Wowowow! Thanks so much for posting this!!!
    I watched this show a tonne as a kid and I could never find it again in my adult life.

  • Fried

    No doubt we’ll get CGI live-action hybrids of Catdog and Doug (His dog being CGI).

  • BlueBoomPony

    I am em-bear-ased. I made a Boo Boo.

  • BlueBoomPony

    Licking earwax and heads in toilets don’t quite blip my charming radar. But that’s me.

  • BlueBoomPony

    Oh, bother.

    Oops. Wrong bear.

  • BlueBoomPony
    • Caty Ml

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah make it go awayyyyyy

  • Ant G

    Beauty and the Beast may not be Shakespear but it had a lot more heart and Genuineness put into it than this movie. Nowadays kids (with their parents’ wallets) are treated like cows to milk over and over and feeding it nothing but poop to satiate it

  • Shmorky

    He jams toothbrushes straight into his ear canals, drinks an entire bottle of mouth wash, and shoves his head down a toilet.
    …All things that could possibly injure or kill a small child if imitated.

  • Barrett

    Oh, good Christ…..did they really have to haul old Paddington Bear out into the Uncanny Valley?

    All I can think of while watching this trailer is the great “alternate ending” for the CGI Yogi Bear movie some God-amongst-men made a few years back. I was hoping that thing would go so viral that studio suits wold be too embarrassed to greenight another one of those, but I guess I was just being too optimistic.

  • Barrett

    Anything as hand-built and charmingly rough around the edges as that old stop-motion Paddington clip is seen as completely “outdated” and “unmarketable” by the suits in Hollywood today. These people grew up in the 70s and 80s, and came to view special effects as the prime barometer for a film’s quality or success. Never mind that many accomplished artists who also grew up with those blockbuster FX films understood as they grew up that effects are cool and all, but you also need believability and a decent story and characters to make a film a true hit.