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‘Steven Universe’ RPG ‘Attack The Light’ Is Out

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.51.46 PM

A new Steven Universe video game for mobile devices, featuring an original story by show creator Rebecca Sugar and the Steven Universe creative team, was released this week.

Developed by Grumpyface Studios (Castle Doombad, Super Mole Escape) in partnership with Cartoon Network, Steven Universe RPG: Attack the Light sees Steven and the Crystal Gems band together to battle numerous nasties.

The game has touch controls, a turn-based battle system, and a tone more reminiscent of Mario RPG and Paper Mario than the oh-so-serious Final Fantasy equivalent—one of the power-ups Steven can bust out of his trusty cheeseburger backpack is the team-reviving “Together Breakfast”.

A Steven Universe video game was first hinted at during Rebecca Sugar’s Reddit AMA in August 2014. Responding to a question about what a Steven Universe video game might be like, she responded, “I would want it to be an RPG!!!”

Steven Universe RPG: Attack the Light is available for $2.99 on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

  • Adnan Ado Kovacevic

    Haha,already beat the game it was awesome and lvled up all characters. :) the ending is epic so yeah dont wanna spoil it.

    • Matheus

      How long does it take to beat the game? This is one game I’m DEFINITELY considering to get at some point!

  • Pencil

    Go watch it now.

  • Johnny

    I haven’t and have had zero reason to ever want to.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    Got the game so I have something to play at the bus stop. Super fun! Also refreshing to have a smartphone game that doesn’t have microtransactions.

  • It’s the first time I’ve downloaded one of those smartphone games based on CN shows. I’ve always been interested in these but wasn’t sure if they’re really worth the money. Would love to know if the Regular Show ones are anywhere near the quality of Attack the Light, because this game is awesome. It’s super fun and I really love the battle system. Also it has a decent difficulty, it really requires you to go back to previous worlds/levels and just level up like crazy, otherwise it’s nearly impossible to beat some levels.