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The Legend of the “Legend of Tembo”

Digital Domain’s first animated feature The Legend of Tembo fulfilled its prophetic title. Thanks to the misdeeds of the company’s management, the film can never exist and has, in fact, turned into a legend.

The film’s co-director Aaron Blaise is keeping Tembo‘s memory alive on his newish blog by posting materials from the film’s production. So far, he has uploaded concept and development paintings, pencil tests, and most impressively, a massively detailed how-to guide for drawing elephants. If there’s one thing that can be safely concluded from all this material, it’s that the man knows how to draw a mother-humpin’ elephant.

  • Tim Hodge

    Beautiful work, Aaron! It was fun while it lasted!

  • David Nethery

    ” If there’s one thing that can be safely concluded from all this
    material, it’s that the man knows how to draw a mother-humpin’ elephant.”

    Not just elephants. Aaron can draw or paint (traditionally or digitally) just about anything . So incredibly generous of him to share all this great material.

  • This art is really nice, it’s kind of a shame the movie never had a chance. Admittedly I am a little biased, since elephants are one of my favorite animals, but this is still beautiful art. (and elephants aren’t exactly the easiest animals to draw or animate, so that’s like, an extra big compliment!)

  • NAveryW

    Huh huh huh! It’s a giraffe!

  • Toonio

    You know you are good when Tom Bancroft takes the time to leave a comment on your blog.

    Sorry for pointing the elephant in the room but maybe this movie was a bit ahead of its tembo :P Maybe will get to see a similar development at another studio.

    And thank you corporate America: the roadblock between the place economy and arts should be and the hardworking people that want to make it possible.

  • Adrian C.

    I was somewhat familiar with Mr. Blaise’s animation career at Disney and I knew he was a a failry skilled painter but I did not realize how talented he was until I saw his blog. He has great range (he can do “cartoony” and realistic and much in between), his drawings are very solid and well-constructed and his paintings are excellent. I definitely will be visiting his blog from time to time. Thank you for sharing, Amid!

  • I’m surprised he can post this without a flock of lawyers taking wing. Or is the DD situation such that there’s no one left to notice?

  • mee

    Want to thank Cartoon Brew for posting this story — the biggest treasure for me was finding the entry on Aaron Blaise’s blog with the thumbnails for the scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle is trying to care for Beast’s wounds. One of my favorite scenes of all time! Wonderful scene, wonderful drawings.


    I was especially happy to find the drawing of Beast’s skull — I never could figure out his head under all that fur: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DR1gJ2OXQq8/UPmZHg1AetI/AAAAAAAABlc/U3dbaWe-LO4/s1600/IMG_9457.JPG

    If he has pencil tests from BatB I hope he’ll post them.

    Thank you so much!

  • Steffi-Alien

    Beautiful and interesting artwork! Thanks for sharing! It sucks that the movie can’t be shown, really would like to see it!!! Are there any other ways to give this movie a chance?