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Amazon Prime Inks Exclusive Aardman Streaming Deal

Just when you thought Netflix was gobbling up all of the quality kids programming, Amazon Prime Instant Video announces a licensing agreement with Aardman Animations for online streaming in the United States.

Amazon’s subscription-based video platform is adding Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time and Rex the Runt to its catalog of children’s exclusives, alongside Mattel’s preschool series Fireman Sam and the Nickelodeon shows SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, Blue’s Clues and The Bubble Guppies, as well as Amazon Prime’s first original kids’ series, Tumble Leaf, which launched earlier this year.

The deal includes the Wallace and Gromit shorts, two new Timmy Time specials, and a giant helping of Shaun the Sheep—all four seasons of the series and the Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps special. The deal benefits Aardman particularly, as they want to grow stateside awareness of Shaun the Sheep before the character’s feature film debut in 2015..

Subscriptions to Amazon Prime, which include free shipping and music libraries in addition to the video service, cost $99 per year and can be ordered here.

  • Steve Henderson

    I disagree that Rex the Runt is for kids, whilst not explicitly adult it is certainly not a show created for kids. The same for Wallace and Gromit.

    • I’m not familiar with Rex the Runt, but I’d say that W&G dances the fine line between children’s and adult’s entertainment.

  • Kevin Johnson

    Just want to say:

    1) This is nifty.

    2) Pirates! A Band of Misfits is an awesomely fun movie and needs more love.

  • James Fox

    Amazon has neglected Tumble Leaf, There hasn’t been a new episode since May
    I bet Amazon will treat Aardman like rubbish like they did to the Tumble Leaf staff by ignoring them in favor of Creative Planet

    • Barrett

      They might want to do more to publicize their shows; I’d never even heard of “Tumble Leaf” before now. Looked it up, and haven’t seen any of those characters before to save my life. Is it really that hard to advertise online, Amazon?

  • This is quite interesting how Netflix and now Amazon are grabbing up animated shows, and possible new animation properties, more so than Apple TV and possibly Hulu.

    Should they do well in bringing in more animation creations that are fresh, interesting, and more engaging than cable channels (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney), this can smell more trouble for cable. It’s not an overnight thing..but at some point, streaming will be the preference over cable. At some point, and Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are starting out in the right direction, so far.

  • I personally love the Aardman sensibility and was deeply saddened by the dismantling of their deal with Dreamworks. I would love to see another W&G movie. My daughter and I have just about worn out our Curse of the Were-Rabbit disc.

  • Royce

    Drat. I’m already paying for Netflix. I don’t particularly want to get Amazon Prime.

  • Doctor Dogg,

    In one episode Rex and Wendy have an adventure in bed and Vince makes a vacuum cleaner pregnant – so, no, we didn’t make it for kids!

  • Doctor Dogg,

    Or to put it another way…

  • ReindeerFlotilla

    I can see where this would make news on an animation site, but I’m pretty sure Netflix isn’t shaking in their boots that Ardman is coming on board a competitor. To be brutally honest, Ardman’s performance with Dreamworks was pretty bad and Shawn the Sheep is a big step down from the great “Wrong Trousers”.

  • Barrett

    I thought Pirates was a lot of fun, but Flushed Away was one of the most forgettable and disappointing animated films of the ’00s to me. Though the story and characters were the main problem, the fake stop-mo done via CGI was annoying as well. I expected MUCH better from Aardman. Now I want to go check out Arthur Christmas to see if it’s any good.

  • VariousVarieties

    The quantity of commentaries and other bonus features on DVDs seems to have reduced as on demand streaming has become more popular.

  • j12345690

    if you don’t mind me asking what’s so bad about Rex the Runt

    • Steve Henderson

      Nothing is bad or explicit or otherwise about Rex the Runt, it is a great show. the issue here is animated programming being labelled as children’s simply because of its composition. The episodes were never created, commissioned, released or marketed as for kids. Quite disrespectful to the form to just label it as kids stuff.