Dedans Dedans
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“Dedans” By Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka

Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka created a real winner with this video for Odezenne’s catchy hip-hop tune “Dedans.” The stark black-and-white visuals evoke a 1930s Fleischer Studios cartoon nightmare. But this is no pastiche. Mavounia-Kouka has a graphic style that samples from the past, but speaks in its own fresh voice, much like Odezenne’s song, which smartly weaves classic big band samples into its contemporary sound. (P.S. – The filmmaker says on the Vimeo page that a version with English lyrics is forthcoming; the animation tells a story in itself, but it’ll be great to know what they’re saying.)

Direction and Design: Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka
Animation: Laurent Box & Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka
Music and sound design: Odezenne
Song extract from the album O.V.N.I _Edition Louis XIV

  • Julian

    From Google Translate… It combines the 1000 and 100, laying mines, goes down, plunder by blood to extort the rupee lower, and there snoozing in our beds. They are one hundred fifty-two and take delight in twisting our utopias. Dassault stops your tank! The sea cries, the earth shakes when you put your designer suits quacks soft heart. And listening to this con who lies, look bland on TV trying to rant about the misery of a continent … Welcome to the age of gunpowder, technological nirvana, here there’s Fanta in baby bottles and tears of gin and tonic! There’s no place for you in their plans dishonest! There are too many renegades in the chairs of the state. Tactic in six stages: imbéciliser, de-civilize, over-analyze, people destabilize, for sanitized, televised crap.

    Craps! Bursts in! Food in it! Sleep in! Dream it! Bump it! Fuck it! Crying inside!

    I just cradifier the sidewalk, it’s too clean for my body. It simplifies my faults, and enhances the decor. We forget what is “ugly.” I want to bitch and bimbo! Vire me this big girl or I run a vendetta. No black in my boxes when I check the quota. I want the young moist well that terrifies the big pile! Shape me these habits with great blows of magazines and commercials and fake stars 6M. Digging ditches in the system. I want the clown who walks in the clone and not sad, I like. In short, nothing new that sits on the board! No puns that I leave on decoration or solutions under the hood. Another plaintive rap! It’s sad, dreary and dull as a morning on the bus in a coma and they flock together transports in the subway. Rings as indelible marks, before the holiday a little weak in the sun in the Third World.

    Craps! Bursts in! Food in it! Sleep in! Dream it! Bump it! Fuck it! Crying inside!

  • Moss

    Very nice animation and Pretty accurate translation too.
    “Arrête ton char Dassault” is a Play on words. It means litteraly:
    “Dassault stops your tank!” or “Stop your assault tank!”
    but also
    “cut the crap Dassault!”

    the contrast between “Heidi of the alp” opening credit theme and the sad blues is very rewarding to put you into the mood of the song.

  • Chuck DEEZY

    This was a nice vid. I’m always lookin’ for new music but I like the instrumental for this. Moody, jazz blend with the black and white animation you just can’t get enough of plus the buzzing bee of DEATH! Just amazing, man.