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Huggtopus in “So Much Love”

This is an uber-cute, beautifully designed kids music video starring “Huggtopus”, a Kimochis character. Kimochis are “Toys with feelings inside”, a plush doll line created by Nina Rappaport Rowan. Directed by Rowan with Gordon Clark; Daniel Peixe did the rough animation of the characters, following Gordon Clark and Mike Overbeck story boards. Zach Gill wrote and performed a the song.

Art director Santiago Agusti wrote to tell us:

I’m from Spain (and living in Spain) and animator Dani Peixe is now living in L.A. and working at Disney. Once I had the roughs on my hands, I did the clean-ups, added colors, some extra animation, types, compositing and vfx there. All the other people who appear on the credits are from the U.S., mainly The Bay Area. I`m doing some art direction for them, as well as animation, mini comics which come with the Plush Toy Box, iphone games, etc. Here is a 7-second video where I put animation on real footage, playing with my kid.

  • Too . . . much . . . cuteness!

  • He he. Very nice.

  • the kid at the VERY end with the headphones blasting speed metal is HILARIOUS ! – great bit of animation here, really snappy pappy ! ! ! :)

  • What’s amazing is the level of depth there is in this song/video. I get it’s “for kids” but it also speaks hugely to me right now as I’m struggling to indeed learn when sharing love is appropriate and when more time needs to pass. I feel for the Octopus, because there’s a huge amount of joy inside and you want to share, but not everyone wants to hear it.

    “So excited and got so much energy, but maybe you don’t feel the same as me.”

    How tremendously true…

  • Hey! Many thanks for your comments! :-)
    About that speed metal kid at the end of the video, lately I like to add some kind of nice char listening to headphones as an outro. This time I used one of the Kimochis characters, called Bella Rose, who is delicate and beautiful… and making her listen to metal music was funny :-D

  • Glowworm

    Okay, that was just flat out adorable and sweet.