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New Music Video by Dax Norman

One-man creative powerhouse Dax Norman, whose short film The Last Temptation of Crust we featured in episode 4 of Cartoon Brew TV, recently completed a fan music video for the Rafter song “Juicy.” The video employs a style he calls “double-image animation” in which he fits dozens of different characters into the shapes of the primary characters. The result is trippy and one you’ll have to watch at least a few times to catch all the craziness.

I also have to share a non-animation art piece that Dax recently posted on his blog: it’s called Super Mario Coke Head. Recycling has never been this much fun:

Super Mario Cokehead
  • Chuck R.

    Wow! Rotoscoping put to very good use!

    I’d love to see this approach done with the same level of imagination but with a bigger budget.

  • Celia

    this is way rad.

  • Wow! Rotoscoping put to very good use!
    Ditto! Very cool visual style.

  • Thanks for posting this, Amid!

    It’s definitely an idea I will work towards elaborating upon frequently in my life, having any budget would be awesome. I found rotoscoping was the easiest, ie fastest, way to get this idea down in animated form.

  • That is amazing!