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Share Your Cartoon Sightseeing Tips For Paris And Brussels

A brief note: I’ll be visiting Paris and Brussels soon. It’s not a work-related trip, but I’m always interested in animation and cartoon-related sidetrips. I’ll definitely be seeing the R. Crumb retrospective while in Paris. What other cartoon goodies are worth checking out in these two cities right now? Comment below or get in touch privately.

(Photo of French patriot holding poultry via Shutterstock)

  • MP

    Visit the Tintin store in Brussels!

  • Belgian Comic Strip Center, Brussels:

    And you should definitely visit The Netherlands! I’ll buy you lunch!

    • David – I’m going to make it to Amsterdam very briefly on this trip, but I’ll be coming to the Netherlands for a more extended trip next year.

      • sweet :) i live near Amsterdam will you be comming to klik Amsterdam? its a nice small animation film festival. Maybe 2 of my animated shorts will be shown there :P

      • Well Erik, that is a swell idea, don’t you think Amid…? ;-)

  • Pieter

    If you’re into Tintin, then the “Muséé Hergé” is an absolute must. Greetings from Belgium :)

  • Uli Meyer

    During July there will be a show at the Galerie Maghen featuring drawings of a host of very talented artists from the world of animation, comics and illustration. You can see some of the pieces here:
    Here’s a link to the gallery:

  • Hey I’m visiting Brussels right now! It’s a great city!!!

  • Celine Lt

    There’s the Arludik gallery in Paris

  • If you want to visit studios, there is a CG animation studio called nWave in Brussels (I used to work there for a bit).

    Also, here are some more tips to see some outside art:

  • richard fox

    perhaps there is some place that pays
    tribute to jean marc reiser? One of
    my favorite cartoonists.

  • Vincent Veidt

    If you’re into graffiti at all, there are a few really talented graffiti cartoonists who paint in remote areas of the Parisian catacombs. It’s illegal to go as far as they paint, but a couple groups host tour expeditions anyway.

  • Vincent Veidt

    Also, if you can make it to Lyon, there’s some very interesting trompe-l’Å“il all over that city.

  • Alfons Moliné

    Hi Amid, we met one in Annecy some years ago. Next time you travel to Europe, you must visit Barcelona! You’ll marvel at Gaudí’s architecture and Dalí’s paintings, amobg other things!

  • MonsieurU

    Hey Amid !

    When you’re in Paris, you should visit the comic book stores, as well as the gallery Arludik. There are a couple more galleries that show original pages, rue Dante.

  • Alberto

    There’s a Tim Burton exhibition at the Film Museum in Paris until August 5. Enjoy your trip.

  • In Brussels, keep your eyes open for comic strip murals: (You can also find a map of their locations from that site.)

  • Brian

    Don’t miss the Magritte Museum in Brussels. I know it doesn’t seem related, but I could swear two of the paintings I saw there were the basis of Metamorpho/Element Girl and Katamari Damacy, respectively. His influence is felt in modern pop art, is what I’m saying.

  • Hannie Vinkenburg

    Hey Amid,
    Enjoy the Crumb exposition. I was there a few days ago and it was really awsome!