The team at Dallas based Element X Creative animated this 5-minute long sponsor reel for last week’s Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) Southwest Awards show. If one has to sit through dozens of company logos, this is the way to go – weaving the sponsors names into a haunting and beautiful Twilight Zone-like story about a little boy who stops time and sees his home town in a whole new way. It stands on its own as one of the best CG shorts I’ve seen this year.

Complete credits for this piece after the jump.

Director – Brad Herbert

Executive Producer – Chad Briggs
Executive Producer – Rick Perez
Producer – Amy Cass

Director of Photography – Brad Herbert
Location Crew – Luis Martinez
Location Crew – Jiss Kuruvilla
Location Manager – Robert Bray

CG Director – Eric J. Turman

Animation Director – Luis Martinez
Animator – Aaron Werntz
Animator – Steve “Q” Quentin
Animator – Andrea Thomas

Lead Modeler – Christopher McCabe
Modeler – Bobby Reynolds
Modeler – Mathew Nith

Lead Rigger – Christopher McCabe
Rigger – Eric Turman

Editor – Luis Martinez
Editor – Brad Herbert

Lead Lighting Artist – Christopher McCabe
Lighting Artist – Dennis Kang
Lighting Artist – Mike Martin
Lighting Artist – Chad Briggs
Lighting Artist – Jason Moxon

Surfacing Artist – Christopher McCabe
Surfacing Artist – Bobby Reynolds

Lead Compositor – Brad Herbert
Compositor – Dennis Kang
Compositor – Mark Lopez
Compositor – Mike Martin
Compositor – Laura Wallace
Compositor – Christopher McCabe
Compositor – Chad Briggs

Visual Effects – Dennis Kang
Visual Effects – Mike Martin
Visual Effects – Laura Wallace

Render Wrangler – Candace Morrish

Pipeline/Tools Programming – Steven Keiswetter

IT Director – Greg Glaser

Audio provided by Tequila Mockingbird
Executive Producer: Angie Johnson
Composer: Justin Tapp
Sound Design: Shayna Brown
Mix: Marty Lester

Background Plates :: LMRA Railroad Activity
Special Thanks : Robert Bray (LMRA)

Jerry Beck

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