There were some significant animation-related Academy Award winners last night, but one of the biggest winners never even made an appearance during the ceremony.

Google Android’s charming one-minute TV commercial, “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” which premiered in between the Oscar ceremony, proved to be an instant hit with viewers, with many calling it the best commercial of the evening. Taking the form of an anti-bullying PSA, the spot applies the rules of the rock-paper-scissors game to illustrate the friendship between the three unlikely objects, and ends with Android operating system’s slogan: “Be together. Not the same.”

The mixed media piece, set to “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion),” was directed by Conor Finnegan through London-based Nexus Productions. We’re told it uses a combination of puppetry 2D and CG, shot on live-action sets and locations.

People across Twitter had fun talking about the spot’s Oscar-worthiness:

Production Company: Nexus
Director: Conor Finnegan
VFX Supervisor: Dave Walker
DOP: Karl Oskarsson
Editor: David Slade
Puppet Design & Puppeteering: Gary Jackson at Scary Cat
Production Designer: Dan Betteridge

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