Comments on CARS Clips Comments on CARS Clips

Comments on CARS Clips

Pixar previewed a couple clips from CARS at WonderCon in San Francisco last weekend. Here’s a description of the clips shown. More interestingly, below is a collection of blog comments I found online that offers some sense of what WonderCon attendees thought of the clips. Discuss amongst yourselves.


They showed a couple of clips of it. Ugh Nascar.. and the main car character makes me think Nemo got turned into a Nascar car :P I sure hope this movie is better than it seems to be.


Pixar showed updated trailers to Cars that looks much better than the advanced trailers we saw last year (it’s a very NASCAR movie, with some camera moves that are impossible in the real world. It looked cool.)


Also I saw One Man Band and CARS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME oh my god I cannot even describe, it looks AMAZING they showed the first sequence in the film and like… I really don’t like cars much but that bit they showed us… man it made me want to go hump a lambhorghini.


Overall, the trademark Pixar humor is still there, but I felt the topic of auto-racing limited its potential, as the footage didn’t make me more excited about seeing the film.


The Pixar panel was pretty snooze-inducing, but we did get to see the Oscar-nominated short “One Man Band.” We only wish Cars looked half as entertaining as that short.

Elton Wong

The clips shown generated excitement and laughter from the crowd. Looks like Disney and Pixar’s merger will prove to be a valuable partnership in the long run.

Ryan Olsen

“Cars” looks a lot better with some of the fully-rendered clips presented by a panel from Pixar. The details are pretty breathtaking, IMO. Before I was concerned because the cars looked like Silly Putty in last-year’s trailer. I’m still a little ambivalent, but I’m willing to see it.

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