Instagrams Oscar shorts Instagrams Oscar shorts

The last installment in our regular Instagram round-ups focused on artists who contributed to Oscar-qualified features. This time, we’re looking at directors in the relatively unsung animated shorts category.

The race for the Oscar has narrowed to ten shortlisted shorts, representing 15 directors in all. We spotlight five of them below…

Adrien Mérigeau, director of Genius Loci, posts a mix of concept artwork from his projects (including this short), sketches, and enigmatic fragments of animation:

Daniel Snaddon, co-director of The Snail and the Whale, has posted (among other things) a trove of lovely travel sketches:

Erick Oh, director of Opera, has turned his Instagram into a gallery for his symbolic, minimalist artwork:

Madeline Sharafian, director of Burrow, is a skilled illustrator — her Instagram is full of fantasy-leaning comics and illustrations:

Taylor Meacham, director of To: Gerard, has posted behind-the-scenes materials from his shortlisted film, including this character design by Nico Marlet:

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