The Sunday Funnies (8/29/10)

Slim pickings this week: Lio (8/26) by Mark Tatulli; The Argyle Sweater (8/22) by Scott Hilburn; and Reality Check (8/27) by Dave …


Saturday Book Review

Here’s a roundup of few new books that several publishers and authors were kind enough to send my way: ANIMATED PERFORMANCE (Ava …

Shelter Stories

Speaking of animator Paul Fierlinger (as we did yesterday), The Animal Shelter Project and the Humane Society have brought Fierlinger …


History Detectives

A few weeks ago I recieved a call from the fine folks at the PBS show History Detectives. Seems they had someone who found a cache of …


The Big Girl by He Weifeng

A film that answers the eternal question: “Will you still love me the same as before if I was a fatty?” This Chinese student-made …


Satoshi Kon (1963-2010)

Satoshi Kon passed away in Tokyo on Tuesday. He was 46–and in the middle of directing a new film, The Dream Machine. Kon was one of a …


Teddy Newton on Day & Night

Here’s a nice little viral video/slide-show of Pixar’s Teddy Newton discussing his new Chronicle book based on his short Day & Night.


The Sunday Funnies (8/22/10)

Submitted for your approval: Medium Large (8/19) by Francesco Marciuliano; Mother Goose and Grimm (8/20) by Mike Peters; Adam @home …


Lost Fleischer Found: Ace Of Spades

Cartoon historian Tom Stathes continues to amaze me with his rare finds and research into silent-era and early talkie animation. Tom has …


MONDAY: Cartoon Dump @ 8pm

If you’re hot and tired and pissed off in Los Angeles this week, my monthly live comedy/cartoon revue, Cartoon Dump, will snap you out of …


Day & Night: The Book

I’m not hiding my enthusiasm for Teddy Newton’s short Day & Night, and neither is Pixar. Instead of releasing a Little Golden Book based …



An armadillo lives in a perfect world that is threatened when a hunter enters the scene. Directed by Mike Klim, Stanley Moore, Dominic …


The Velvet Mouse Show

Jetset Studios in Los Angeles creates online campaigns and internet video for the major Hollywood studios. But between projects the …


Cartoon Network’s MAD

First look at Warner Animation’s new MAD cartoon series. It starts airing September 6th on Cartoon Network.


Medusa by Nick DiLiberto

Nick DiLiberto is an animator currently working in Japan. He recently completed a fully animated 2D short film and just uploaded it to …


The Battle of the Animation Bands

A Battle of Animation Studio Bands? Women In Animation International (WIA) is planning a “Battle of the Animation Bands” concert, an …


Epic Mickey Opening Cinematic

Here’s the opening cinematic for the upcoming Wii game, Epic Mickey, from Warren Spector and Junction Point. (Thanks, Gibbs …


Craig Yoe’s FELIX THE CAT book

Craig Yoe’s latest book is a beautiful love letter to the comic book legacy of Otto Messmer/Joe Oriolo’s Felix The Cat. As usual, Yoe has …

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