Feature Film

Deep Green

The images above and below are from a new environmental documentary currently making the rounds, Deep Green. The feature contains several …


Disney Cels at Roy Rogers auction

My old friend Mark Trost went to the Roy Rogers auction at Christies today and took some snaps of interest to us at Cartoon Brew. For …


Ed Emberley & Friends

Children’s book author and illustrator Ed Emberley has used his books to teach a generation of children to draw using the simplest of …


Jerry @ Comic Con 2010

The San Diego Comic Con has posted its daily schedules – and if you are going to the Con and want to see me you’ll have ample …


The Sunday Funnies (7/11/10)

This week we have Medium Large (6/28) by Francesco Marciuliano; The Fusco Brothers (7/6) by JC Duffy; Bound and Gagged (7/4) by Dana …

Feature Film

Despicable Me talkback

I went in to see Despicable Me with very low expectations… and came out very pleased with the film. It’s not Pixar… but it’s in the …


Titmouse comic book

Just in time to debut at the San Diego Comic Con, Titmouse Inc. (the animation studio behind Metalocalypse and Black Panther, among …


Gene Deitch screening followup

A full house of animation fans had a blast at our Tribute to Gene Deitch last night at the CineFamily/Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood. …


Tarboy by James Lee

Here’s a stylish flash animation about robots and revenge, Tarbooy: (Thanks, Thorsten Fleisch)


The Sunday Funnies (7/4/10)

This week: B.C. (7/2) by Mason Mastroianni; Medium Large (7/2) by Francesco Marciuliano; and an editorial cartoon by Mike Luckovich …


Ilene Woods (1929-2010)

The L.A. Times is reporting the passing of Ilene Woods, the voice of Walt Disney’s Cinderella (1950). She died Thursday at age 81. …


Of Mice And Magic contest

Okay. You’ve lucked out! Sorry! You missed it! This is was the Cartoon Brew/Of Mice and Magic Contest I promised to post today. The first …


The Mad (Republican) Tea Party

WARNING: This animated video may offend some of our readers. I am not posting it to debate politics, but to show how the clever folks at …

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