Just in time to debut at the San Diego Comic Con, Titmouse Inc. (the animation studio behind Metalocalypse and Black Panther, among others) has just published one of the best comic anthology’s I’ve ever seen. Titmouse producer Ben Kalina sent us some information:

We’ve recently put together a new project called: “Titmouse: Volume 1”. It is not a cartoon. It is also not a comic book, not a magazine, and it’s not a book–it’s a MOOK, a magazine-book. Like Sushi, MOOK is an addictive Japanese concept that will take the world by storm. It also goes great with saké, with a significantly lower risk of succumbing to the paralyzing effects of mercury poisoning.

We have assembled a team of weirdo artist-types to create this 100 page hardcover anthology and printed it in full color on fancy paper featuring comic strips, paintings, and interviews from some of the art world’s most interesting individuals. It’s 1/3 Heavy Metal, 1/3 Mad Magazine, 1/3 Juxtapose, and 1/3 Ralph Bakshi film-on-paper, fancy paper.

I got a chance to preview it and its really good stuff! It’s also a limited edition, so if you are interested I highly recommend you buying it sooner than later. Artists include Dave Cooper, Dave Johnson, Jon Schnepp, Andy Suriano, Dave Fremont, Jacob Escobedo, Richard Mather, Tommy Blacha, Travis Millard, Israel Sanchez, Kaori Hamura, Otto Tang, Kelsey Mann, Freddy Christy, Paul Harmon and Steven Daily.

Titmouse Volume #1 will be released via titmousestuff.com during the week of Comic Con. They’re also having a launch party and gallery show at Ghetto Gloss in Hollywood on July 16th at 7pm. Details of that event can be found here.

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