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Craigslist Job Offer of the Day

Are you a 2D animator? Today’s your lucky day! Somebody on Craigslist wants to hire you for a “very special project.” All they need you to do is create 70 minutes of animation. No cause for concern because they’ve got “investors in place” and “A VERY BIG NAME [IS] ATTACHED TO THIS PROJECT.” Here’s the full job posting:

2D ANIMATOR NEEDED for a very special project. We need a young hungry animator with a sharp eye and wild taste to create a 70 minute movie to go along with a concept album by AN ESTABLISHED ARTIST. THERE IS A VERY BIG NAME, AN AMERICAN ICON, ATTACHED TO THIS PROJECT. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL, DARK, PSYCHEDELIC album and it needs a counter-part in the form of an ANIMATED MOVIE which plays on top of the album. Digital is preferred, as we would like to move quickly with this project. The look of the animation and character design should be similar to AMERICAN POP, HEAVY METAL, PINK FLOYD: THE WALL, etc. (Compensation: We have investors in place, as well as profit sharing possibilities.)

When you spot other ridiculous animation job offers on Craigslist, send them our way.

(Thanks, Cory)