Although summer is almost upon us, there’s still time to submit your work to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Computer Animation Festival.

The Computer Animation Festival invites presenters from around the world to showcase their most innovative and stimulating computer-generated animation and visual effects.

Following the tradition of previous editions of SIGGRAPH Asia, the 2012 Computer Animation Festival will be presented in both the Electronic Theater and the Animation Theater.

The aim is to allow attendees to immerse themselves with a comprehensive and compelling distillation of the best work in the world that advances animation, visualization, real-time rendering, and entertainment via computer animation.

The Computer Animation Festival contains two main components:

  • Screenings — It includes Electronic Theater and Animation Theater screenings where the full breadth of this year’s work in computer animation can be enjoyed at length.
  • Panels & Talks — It includes presentations by experts on a variety of topics related to the creation of computer animation and visual effects, as well as behind-the-scenes presentations by the creators whose works are screened at the festival.

The submission deadline is July 3, 23:59 UTC/GMT, and the jury’s decisions will be announced in August. Submit your best work to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Computer Animation Festival and contribute to the wide spectrum of animations and creative innovations that lead the way to the future of computer graphics.

Visit for submission requirements and entry forms.

Chris Arrant

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