Chaos Group Leverages NVIDIA for V-Ray RT Chaos Group Leverages NVIDIA for V-Ray RT

Lon Grohs, VP of Business Development at Chaos Group, demonstrates interactive, physically-based rendering with the world’s fastest, most efficient computing architecture–NVIDIA Maximus next-generation technology based on NVIDIA Kepler.

“Our CUDA based V-Ray plug-in for Maya is one of our latest developments to meet the needs of the most demanding VFX and film studios around the world,” says Grohs. “With a Kepler-based NVIDIA Maximus system, 3D artists will spend less time waiting and more time being creative.”

Chaos Group provides state of the art rendering solutions for visual effects, film, media and entertainment, and design industries. V-Ray RT is a powerful, interactive ray tracing render engine optimized for NVIDIA CUDA architecture that changes the way 3D artists and visualization specialists approach the lighting and shading setup.

  • Autodesk 3ds Max V-Ray RT 2.0 optimized for CUDA (exclusively for NVIDIA GPUs) was released earlier this year
  • Autodesk Maya V-Ray RT 2.0 optimized for CUDA is being demo’d now, but no release date has been announced–stay tuned to Chaos Group for an update
  • V-Ray RT 2.0 optimized for CUDA interactive speed in Maya makes it ideal for 3D Look Development and Pre-visualization for film and TV
  • V-Ray RT is also a feature-rich, professional quality renderer for film VFX, TV, design visualization and final presentation
  • V-Ray RT runs on the CPU, GPU (using OpenCL), and now on the GPU using NVIDA CUDA.

Chris Arrant

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