Comic Con Day #0

I’m heading down to Comic Con right now and will be there tonight and for the next few days. In addition to funky old comics, here’s a couple of new items I’ll be looking for in the dealers room:

South Park designer and storyboard artist Greg Postma is sharing some space at booth #1223 with his fellow co-workers, selling a sketchbook compiling production sketches from the first 8 seasons of the show. The Bunker also includes samples of the artists own work. Finally the talent behind the show step out from behind the scenes. Can you buy it online? I’m not sure, but here’s the website associated with it.

When you work on kid shows all day, you’re bound to create something a bit dark. Nick, Sony and Dreamworks story artist Jeremy Bernstein has new book out in time for Comic Con. His sixth self published book in six years – Texts – takes drawings done in workshop and mashed them up with hand written text messages that were in his phone. Sounds strange, but Bernstein’s art is always worth the trip.