CONTEST: The Ancient Book of Myth and War

Ancient Book of Myth and War

CONTEST OVER! I thought it was a fairly difficult question but obviously not for Brew readers. Before I could even get to my computer, over a dozen readers had responded correctly. The first two correct answers, and thus the winners, are Jennifer Klein and Joe Apel.

Of course, everybody can be a winner if they pick up a copy of The Ancient Book of Myth and War. Support some great artists and buy your copy today!


We’ve got a good one today. We’re giving away TWO signed copies of the handsome new art book The Ancient Book of Myth and War created by four of Pixar’s most talented: Don Shank, Scott Morse, Lou Romano and Nate Wragg. All four artists will be signing each copy.

Winners will be the first two people to correctly post a response in the COMMENTS section to the following question:

Two of the book’s artists, Scott Morse and Lou Romano, have the distinction of receiving art training from which famous Warner Bros. layout artist/background designer, and what are the contemporary artists trained by this Golden Age legend collectively known as?

(Note: Folks who have already won something from Cartoon Brew in the past year or two are ineligible for this contest.)