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We at Cartoon Brew live mostly within the internet, but our passion for animation doesn’t end there: we’re always on the lookout for new print publications about the medium.

Sadly, print magazines dedicated to animation are a delicate business. Many have sprouted over the years, only to fade away after a few issues. It isn’t often that we can celebrate the existence of three young, high-quality mags at the same time. Here they are — long may they endure…

Befores & Afters

The eminent vfx blog is branching out into print: the new magazine’s first issue is now available for AUD$15 (USD$11) before postage. Head to the website for more.

The website is run by Ian Failes, a veteran reporter on vfx and animation (and former vfx editor here at Cartoon Brew). It covers the latest developments, tools, and events in the vfx industry, often drilling deep into production processes in its interviews and features.

The new print edition contains five long reads alongside exclusive illustrations. Subjects include the state of rotoscoping and the lasting contribution of Jar Jar Binks to motion capture.

"Befores & Afters"
Mostly Moving

Jonah Primiano, an L.A.-based animation filmmaker, launched this zine in January 2019 to spotlight young indie animators, with an emphasis on experimental work.

Each issue features interviews with and essays by two animators. The latitude they’re given to discuss what they care about results in engaging articles, whether it’s Sean Buckelew weighing the relative merits of online platforms for short-form animation or Sophie Koko Gate unpacking the influence of The Sims on her artistic practice.

Mostly Moving has published five issues to date, both digitally and in print, on a roughly quarterly basis. To read the articles and order back issues, head to its website, where you can also pre-order a new book that collects all five issues in one volume (for $25 before postage).

"Mostly Moving"
Blink Blank

This lavishly produced biannual review is the result of publishing partnership between France and Québec. The editors take a broad view of animation, running the gamut from historical to contemporary, indie to mainstream.

The latest issue — the second to date — includes interviews with Wolfwalkers director Tomm Moore and Pixar storyboard artist Mélody Cisinski, features on Winsor McCay and Gints Zilbalodis, and a focus on environmentalism in animation.

The downside: it’s all in French. There’s no word of a bilingual edition for now. If you can read French — or just want to gaze at the trove of artwork — you can order back issues on the website for €20 (USD$24) before postage.

"Blink Blank"

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