Remembering Pres Romanillos Through his Artwork

Pres Romanillos Sketchbook

Brew reader Tim Hodge points out that Stuart Ng Books has published a Pres Romanillos sketchbook. Romanillos, who animated at Disney and DreamWorks, passed away in July, 2010 following an extended battle with leukemia.

According to Stuart’s website:

This sketchbook was conceived by his widow Jeannine Romanillos and reproduces artwork from Pres’ sketchpads and sketchbooks: life drawings, horse and animal studies, Disney character drawings, travel sketches, and a sampling of his personal cartoons and drawings. It includes a short biography of the artist written by Charles Solomon and a page of Pres’ notes from a 1993 lecture by Glen Keane.

The 32-page book is limited to 1,000 copies and sells for $15 on Stuart Ng’s website.

Pres Romanillos Sketchbook