St. Trinian’s Girls Are Back

St. Trinian

Ronald Searle fans can thank the upcoming live-action St. Trinian’s feature for the following book: St. Trinian’s: The Entire Appalling Business. No word yet on what exactly is contained within the book, but it’s cheaply priced, will be released in a couple months, and collects a whole bunch of classic Searle cartoons that have been long out-of-print in the US. Good enough for me.

Also, New Yorkers will be happy to know that there is currently an exhibition of original Ronald Searle artwork at the Forbes Galleries. The show, “Ronald Searle: A Lifetime of Drawing”, spans his entire career “from his drawings in a Japanese POW camp, to his early success as a magazine and book illustrator, to the enormously popular series of ‘St. Trinian’s’ drawings, to his work for movies and businesses, to his famous drawings of cats.” Admission is free. Gallery address and hours can be found here.