In the second episode of our new limited series Animation Around the World, we hear from animation industry participants in Brazil, South Africa, and Poland.

For each country we’re profiling in this series, we asked a person from that country to tell us a little bit about their local animation industry – particularly, how it has developed over the last decade and what sets apart that country’s animation output from other countries in its region.

Watch episode two below:

In this episode, we hear from Mary Morita of Brazilian Content, who points out that Netflix recently picked up its first original animated series from Brazil, the Birdo Studio production Cupcake & Dino: General Services.

Monika Rorvik, head of film and media promotion at the South African government agency Wesgro, points out the growing number of film and content events in that country including the Cape Town International Animation Festival, Durban International Film Festival, and DISCOP in Johannesburg, the latter being a major market for content production and distribution.

Poland’s Robert Jaszczurowski, co-founder of GS Animation, talks about the country’s rich legacy of artistic animation production, which continues to this day, even as the country’s animation production evolves into a more robust, commercial industry. “We want to re-invent the wheel sometimes,” he says. “Polish animation is very strong when it comes to art-driven short films. The same creators are involved now in bigger productions, and you have this feel, this touch of artists in our productions.”

Animation Around the World is produced by Cartoon Brew Editor-in-Chief Amid Amidi. Our DP and editor on the series is Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen.

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