A new report on Bloomberg says that a Disney-21st Century Fox deal could be coming within days.

As we’ve covered earlier, the $50-60 billion dollar deal would dramatically alter landscape of the American entertainment industry, giving the Walt Disney Company control of most of Fox’s entertainment assets. The iconic Fox series The Simpsons would be a part of that deal, as pointed out by Bloomberg.

But over the long term, the deal could ultimately end up working in favor of Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and his family. Should Disney purchase Fox through a stock-based deal, it would give the Murdochs a 5% stake in Disney, making them the company’s largest shareholders.

Further, Bloomberg reports that Murdoch’s son, Fox chief executive officer James Murdoch, would “likely” be offered a senior management position at Disney, thereby becoming a key candidate to take over the entire Disney operation when current Disney CEO Bob Iger retires. Iger is currently set to step down in 2019, though that date is likely to be pushed back if the Fox deal goes through.

Artwork at top by @deladeso.

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