Troubling new details about the abruptly-halted merger talks between DreamWorks Animation and Hasbro have been revealed in a Hollywood Reporter piece.

The industry trade publication suggests that a “nuclear-level reaction” from Disney execs played a role in Hasbro’s quick retreat from DreamWorks:

Sources confirm that incensed Disney executives conveyed to Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner that they would deem the toy manufacturer a competitor should it acquire DWA, imperiling huge contracts involving Marvel, Star Wars and, per a very valuable agreement set to begin in 2017, princess merchandise from Frozen and other titles. Deals with Disney are estimated to generate nearly a third of Hasbro’s business.

Also noteworthy: DreamWorks Animation has a mole problem. An anonymous insider connected to the studio is trying to derail the company’s merger efforts by releasing sensitive information to the press.

DreamWorks had been trying to keep secret its negotiations with Hasbro, but the news was leaked through a “highly detailed, lengthy letter” sent to various media outlets. The letter also included details about DreamWorks’s plans to sell Hearst a stake of AwesomenessTV and the decision to change the release schedule on some of their films, which was confirmed with the news about the delay of B.O.O.: The Bureau of Otherworldly Operations.

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