“Some people tell me I feel too much. Most of those people are doctors. I feel those doctors are wrong.”

Film by Rainbow Timothy. More from the filmmaker:

This is how I explained the film to my mom: “Every time we meet a new person we start to penetrate them in various ways, and they us. The interpenetration exists across all human interaction and different layers are penetrated as we lower certain walls to certain people at certain times. Its all based on trust, you and I penetrate each other in different ways than say, me and my roommates for example. There are places I let you in that they don’t even know exist. To let someone in on a romantic level we allow them to poke, swab, stroke and investigate these inner folds as we exchange feelings, ideas, fluids, secrets and desires. What a painfully delicate process.”

Process: Graphite on paper, shot using Dragonframe, adjusted in After Effects, edited in Premiere. Sound recorded onto tape and manipulated using Protools.

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