Scumlord Scumlord

New York-based digital artist Tim Mearini directed the music video for Blockhead’s new single “Scumlord,” which is available online now and today’s Cartoon Brew pick.

The video takes place on a fantasy planet teaming with alien life that is mostly recognizable in form, although the fauna of the unnamed world has been heavily modified by non-natural engineering. Insectoid shapes are distorted with mechanical additions and colored with vibrant neon hues to feel distinct from life as we know it on Earth. The video is expertly lit, and each scene feels like it takes place in a unique biome, adding depth to the fictional setting.

Mearini’s previous work has appeared in commercial campaigns for major global brands, including Maybelline, Google, and Jaguar. For the “Scumlord” video, the filmmaker animated shots in Maxon Cinema 4D, rendered in Otoy’s Octane, and later composited in Adobe After Effects.

Scumlord is the debut single from the upcoming album Luminous Rubble, coming in May. Each song on the album was created using samples from the KPM Music library.


Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.