Following the grueling completion of each DreamWorks animated feature, the company’s employees engage in a ritualistic cake sacrifice ceremony.

After years of carefully observing these individuals who labor in the deepest, darkest depths of Glendale, California, I have come to the conclusion that they consume character cakes so that they may possess the spirits of their creations, a transformative experience representing spriritual continuity and rebirth, and ultimately, unity of Cosmic Consciousness.

DreamWorks Animation technical director Nigel Tierney shares a Vine of the studio’s latest cake sacrifice ceremony in the piece entitled “Another DreamWorks Massacre! Baby Penguins of Madagascar.” [update: Vine link no longer functional]

And a second video:

[Update: Vine link no longer functional]

You may also recall Nigel’s courageous documentation of the How to Train Your Dragon 2 cake-cutting.