Howl's Moving Castle model Howl's Moving Castle model

The titular edifice in Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle is so complex that Studio Ghibli resorted to cg animation to bring it to life. More power to Studson, then, for recreating the castle out of junk.

The crafter built a remarkable model of the castle, using materials as simple as foam, Christmas baubles, and noodle bowls. And he devoted just as much care to tracking the whole process in a video, which he has uploaded to Youtube. Even notorious taskmaster Miyazaki would be impressed.

Not only does the result look great, the project channels the ethos of recycling and making do that runs through Miyazaki’s works. Studson has tackled other Ghibli icons in his model-making career, including the bathhouse from Spirited Away and family home from Kiki’s Delivery Service. See his Youtube channel for more.

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