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DreamWorks Animation continues to expand its footprint in the world of fashion through strategic partnerships with trendy fashion labels. A few days ago we wrote about the studio’s new Richie Rich collection in collaboration with Joyrich. Last Wednesday at Fashion Week in New York, goofball-funk fashion designer Jeremy Scott (a favorite of Miley Cyrus) unveiled his new Shrek collection for men and women.

This is not the first time Scott has emblazoned famous cartoon characters across his clothes. His 2012 collection applied patterns of Bart Simpson onto men’s sweaters and women’s hot pants. The Shrek collection de-emphasizes the ogre’s grotesqueness by using a more iconic representation of the character, but the pieces are still garish in Scott’s trademark fashion. It’s comprised of the following nine items: denim plaid shirt, embroidery knit cropped top, knit dress, knit skirt, knit crew-neck, Shrek Happens T-shirt, tie-dye tote, sweater, and zipper-front plaid bra.

The clothes are currently available on Jeremy Scott’s website, though some items like the $270 Shrek Pixel Sweater are currently sold out:


Shrek-adoring women are in luck though: the $325 Shrek Face Embroidery Knit Cropped Top is still available.


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