Who needs a soggy pretzel named after a lady named Anne when you can eat hand-crafted pretzels named after some of the twentieth century’s greatest cartooning legends?

Twist Gourmet Pretzels is a food truck in Oklahoma City that honors animators and comic artists by naming pretzels after them. The tributes are subtle; only a first or last name is used and none of the cartoonists’ artwork is used. Still, if you’ve ever dreamed of walking up to a food joint and ordering a Natwick or a Chuck, this is your place. Here’s their current line-up of yummy-looking cartoonist-themed pretzels:

Chester (Classic Salted) after fellow Oklahoman Chester Gould
Chuck (Cheddar Jalapeño) after Chuck Jones
Kirby (Cheesecake) after Jack Kirby
Tove (Truffle Parmesan) after Tove Jansson
Natwick (Cinnamon Raisin) after Grim Natwick
Kimball (Kalamata Feta) after Ward Kimball
Blair (Sweet Chai) after Mary Blair


Wife-and-husband team Becky and Lance King started the business ten months ago. Becky bakes, while Lance, who is a cartoonist and animator himself, handles all of the signage and visuals. To see more photos, check out their Instagram.

pretzel_truck pretzel_kirby pretzel_chester pretzel_natwick