FX Guide offers an in-depth look at how Pixar created the curly red hair of Brave‘s Merida including a 30-minute audio podcast with Pixar simulation supervisor Claudia Chung.

The new official website of animation legend Thornton (T.) Hee is frustatingly difficult to navigate, but those who make the effort will be rewarded with never-before-seen caricatures of Hee’s Disney colleagues and examples of his Cartoon Modern-styled Christmas cards.

2Day in Animation is an Onion-esque take on the animation industry, and it’s often quite funny. Article highlights include “3,800 Really Cool Animation Jobs Posted in April, Though Only 17 Are For Pay,” “Big Studios Promise to Start Making Films with Cage-Free Animators,” “Digital Domain Creates Holograms of Nine Old Men to Helm New Animated Feature,” and “Teletoon Gives Series to Mediocre Animator Just To Shut Him Up.”

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